Booking the range and going paperless and other stuff

Using the Range

We love it out there in the sun and the wind... Sometimes the rain but usually it's fantastic. As you all know we are shooting under new guidelines right now and that means that we need to work within the Risk Assessment that we have adopted during the crisis that we are all facing. The guidelines and rules that we have put in place enable us to be able to shoot whilst many are not. Please take time to review the risk assessment if you haven't recently as it contains some changes that we really must embrace.

As a summary but by far not all the changes please take a quick look here.

We all need a ticket to be able to shoot on the Outdoor Range.

On arrival it is important that you select your lane, set up your gear and then go and get your faces (if it's your first time there). If it isn't your first time, just pop over to the shooting shed and get some of that santizer gel on your hands.

We are using the range as single detail... all the time. This must not change as our Risk Assessment is based upon this. That means we are not permitted to split the range into two archery ranges until further notice. We know it slows things down having the whole range a single unit, and we hope you understand.

If you touch any piece of equipment that does not belong to you, please re-sanitise your hands - do this often. (If you move a boss, if you collect a face; all these occasions should result in your hands getting re-sanitised).

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before you start your session. Please leave immediately following your session.

Before you leave, (yes, you guessed it) re-sanitise your hands, prior to getting in your car.

You can see the full version of the risk assessments here.

Booking the Range and Going Paperless

You all seem to be using the ticket system very well. I felt it would be prudent to show you just how easy it is to get your ticket into your Smartphone and thereby not have to print off a ticket etc.

Firstly you will have been sent a link to get to the Trybooking Application online. If you've got that far fabulous. If you are still wanting to shoot but just haven't got around to it yet, or need some more help, why don't you email me and we can chat over how we get you shooting.

You can see that we offer a wide range of time slots. Actually there are 88 sessions per day being offered, at least while the daylight lasts. These will reduce as daylight dimishes but we are far from capacity at the moment. Once you have your link to Trybooking, click it and you will be presented with a page like the one on view. Click the button of the date. When, as if by magic, another screen drops before your very eyes and lo and behold a series of time slots appear. Select your preferred time slot and move onward by clicking next. Be aware though that some of the slots are for fixed lanes. You can see from the image here that the 6:00am slot has three options. There are 8 moveable targets and 3 fixed. You should only move a target if you absolutely have to. We have two fixed targets are at 50metres and one at 20 yards. The coding, for example on the 6am-7.45am 50m 9+10 means that you have the option of shooting on lanes 9 or 10 and at 50m... and of course on this selection, also at 6am.

Once you've booked your slot by filling the pages and checking the boxes, you will be presented with a ticket page. Now, you don't need to print it, but you may just need it. So, why don't you copy the link and paste it into your Smartphone as a calendar entry at the time and date you have selected. That way, if asked, you will have it and be reminded of the slot you booked. There is excellent 4G on the field for you to be able to pick up data. Easy!

Reaching Out

We asked a local archery club if they'd like to come onboard with us. But sadly they don't feel they are in a position to be able to do that right now. We, of course, will support them if they change their mind, especially that we are confident we have the capacity and systems to ensure their health and safety at all times. We have worked so very hard to bring back to you your archery range whilst remaining safely distanced but still within earshot of each other. Other plans might be afoot and your committee will keep you up to speed should any changes be made. But for now, it looks like it's just us lot.

New Members

It's been interesting that we've had quite a few requests for beginners courses. And one or two competent archers have asked to join us. For the latter we have undertaken risk assessments with them and inducted them into the range. If you see a few new faces please don't be shy to say hello. One is a Prof' and the other is a Doc; we'll leave it to you to say hello. And please don't be shy to ask whether they have a ticket, I'm sure they'll be willing to let you know.

Got a Booking Problem?

If you are struggling to get booked on to our Ticketing system please don't fret. Sarah is more than willing to help you out. She knows the system inside out and has done wonders getting it up and running. You can contact her by clicking here.

Still got a Problem?

If you have other issues with your archery and just need someone to lend you an ear, watch... you know, from a safe distance; please do not hesitate to ask. We have several coaches who are very willing to take a look and will do so ensuring that you feel comfortable and safe. Click here to ask.

Ahh those 252 Scores

We know that you are on mission to get as many 252 sessions as you can under your belts. And why not. We will be working on the basis of trust during our socially distancing archery sessions at the moment. We trust that the only person who will be let down by the odd rounding up, will of course, be you.

If you've never done a 252 before, you are in for such a treat. It's easy, just look up on our website and see what you have to do and... well, do it. If you are good at navigating around our website just go and have a look but if you'd rather I just pointed the way there... click here.

There are apps that can help you keep score, I use iArcher and it's available on iOS and I believe Android also. Please don't quote me on that though. They do cost a little but it's not too bad. And you can use paper if you don't mind being part of the mass forest slaughter that seems to be happening around the planet right now. Come on, let's get all digital.

I get asked some questions and here's one...

I want to get to archery and get there on my bicycle, how do I get in and out of the range. Easy, just type the code you've been sent when you arrive into the pedestrian gate entrance. And, then... nothing happens. It's not a joke. Whilst the vehicle gate opens when you punch in the number, the pedestrian gate doesn't... you'll have to do something many teenagers are unsure of... actually push the door (or gate in this case). On the way out, you'll find a green button close to the same pedestrian gate push it, and pull the gate, then... you're free to pedal.

Insignia Health - Supporting Wymondham Archers

A great big thanks to Insignia Health for supporting us during the pandemic. They provided us with more hand gel. We are truly grateful to them for doing this. Big Virtual Hugs from Wymondham Archers.

Your Mental Wellness is important: here's an Action Plan that might help

We all need a useful kitbag, we use them all the time to get our kit to the field. But here is a Model for Wellbeing Kitbag I found it online oneday when I was searching for a means to focus when I was a bit bored. We are pretty much aware of how some of us has struggled over the recent 10 or so weeks. It's been challenging for some of us.

There seems to be a disparity between those of us who are flat out and others who are mind crushingly bored. I discovered this model for wellbeing and considered that any one of us could use if we wished. I found it quite useful, it made me focus on what was important. It came from MIND and they seem to have a heap of very useful information on their website. Take a look at MIND and how they could help you.

We have Winners.... Our 300 Club and How you can Support Wymondham Archers

Congratulations to Neil T: who won £150.00, Louise D: who won £90.00 and Daniel P: who won £60.00.

Why don't you take part in our 300 Club. It's easy to do so. Just click the link below; when next year it could be you taking home the prize.

Your contributions are so very important to us. Every ticket helps towards maintaining our Archery provision. Until we are over 150 Members we will not be self sufficient. Your entry to our 300 Club is gratefully received... and we all could win. Oh, we do love to win.

We hope that you are enjoying the Outdoor Range. Fingers crossed that the weather picks up a little and we have more opportunities to get out there and sample the delights of our space.

Happy Shooting

Pete - Chair: Wymondham Archers

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