About fund raising and supporting the club

The club funds that our members provide, for the effective running our Archery Club, do not meet the full rental fees of the facilities we use. Your club membership fees are agreed annually and are designed to get people in to archery. They are set deliberately low so that everyone who wants to, can get active, enjoy our facilties, take part in our social activities and get in to the sport. And we also recognise that many of us would like to and indeed do contribute more for the benefit of Wymondham Archers and the Sport of Archery.

Additional contributions mean a huge amount to us as a Club. Some folk have more time than money and others' vice versa, Our archery club is equitable, where contributing by whatever path only means that the contributor wishes to support the club, either financially or with the members' time. It does not mean that any single person has more entitlement or rights within the club.

The club has processes and procedures that support our fair and equitable governance and these are utilised at all times. Should any member of Wymondham Archers wish to support the club with their time, energy, enhanced skills and experience, we are always looking for Committee and Working Party support. If you find that you have more time than disposable income, we are always looking for an extra pair of hands. Please speak to any committee member, should you wish to get more involved.

The Fund Raising documents below are set in order of increased contribution. Each come with different benefits to the contributor and you may wish to visit the documents below to familiarise yourself as to what they might mean to you.

Ways in to fund raising

The WA 300 club documents

WA 300 Club Rules

WA 300 Club Application Form