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How busy we are on the range.

Archers ask how busy we are on the Outdoor Range presently. And in the past I'd be saying something like "Oh, you know, club nights can be quite busy." Or something equally vague. But no more... Now we have our ticketing system and you are each choosing to shoot whenever you wish, we are able to collect a little bit of information on when you are using the archery range. You will notice in the first of these two images that the figures refer to all the archers that have used the range at certain times. Later, in the following image you will see that the times are broken down by dates also. You will notice that we have never completely filled up the range - we came close on one day, but only close (scored a 9 if you like). But never have we filled up. And yes, we really are only using the range at or near 15%.

These heat maps give information about how long we have been open and shooting since being released, to some degree, from complete lockdown. You'll see that we've provided nearly 4,000 sessions for our archers to be able to shoot in. And that you've used nearly 600 of those. You will also see that some folk are booking ahead. And we encourage this hugely. When you check out the busyness of the range please forgive that our data is in a terrible order with 10:00am coming first. For the beady eyed amongst you, you will see that it's in alphabetical order. Eek! Bear with us, we put this together in short order, I can tell you.

Now you've checked out the times and dates please can the adults explain to the juniors what 6:00am means.

Here are a few tips to successful booking ahead.

  1. Check the weather. The Met Office are pretty good at predicting what it's going to be like in a few days. We all love to shoot when it's sunny so check it out and plan ahead.
  2. The wind matters, as you know. Not only check to see that it's the right kind of weather that you like to shoot in but also take a look at the wind. If it's blowing from the south, southwest or southeast, you're in for a lovely time. From the North or a variant of that and you'll be looking into it. Not so lovely, unless it's a gentle wind. But this is Norfolk and there doesn't seem to be such a thing here.

And when you are there, remember that as soon as you touch something that doesn't belong to you, please santiize your hands.

So now you know what to look for if you'd like to book ahead. The times when the range isn't very busy, if that's what you want and how to find the best weather and what that might mean to you on the range.

Good Luck.

How well we have done for Nelson's Journey

We can't say that our Shoot to the Moon went well this year. Sadly the pandemic put pay to that and continues to haunt our Summer experience this year. But we did do our best at supporting Nelsons Journey again and they are truly grateful to those who supported this.

Some of our Archers were proving very resourseful in getting their thing done for Nelsons Journey. We had Stacy and Helena (does that sound like a SitCom?), sitting through hours of Star Trek. I was quite jealous. And they were bleary eyed but ecstatic to get to the end of the box set. All that warp speed can send a couple bonkers... if they weren't already.

I did a 26 minute row (no, that'll be exercising, not shouting at somebody with no real goal but knowing in the deepest recesses of heart and body that whatever it was that began the shouting, life itself depended on being correct) No, not that. A machine for pretending to row on a river or a lake. But in my case, I was stuck in my garage. 26 minutes and I went nowhere - backwards. Life eh?

We had Archers shooting in their garages, walking, baking and many that simply donated to our cause. We offer our sincerest thanks and gratitude. Well Done to All of You.

Our certificate... Nelsons Journey - The 2.6 Challenge

Repairs and Maintenance

We've repaired some of the ruts in the field of late. When I say we, I really mean just a handful of us. Big thanks to Jo and Alexander, to Sarah and... well, me too. The sun decided to assist by making it the hottest day of the year so far and I'd like to thank Persimmons for donating some topsoil.

Our growing membership takes it toll on our equipment and resources. We really need your support in reducing the load on a very few number of archers who always rock up and assist in the repairs. We do have our Helping Hands Team but with Coronavirus we are struggling a little. Please email us if you feel you'd like to help. We will also be providing a link of supporters should you wish to make this more of a pledge. We'll be writing to you on this shortly. In the meantime, please email us.

Subsequently to filling in the holes for our recent repairs some of you have been busy picking up stones and taking them to the car park for dispersal. We thank you for that and ask that if there are any of you who wish to continue this essential work, please do not feel held back in any way. Thank you so very kindly.

On other matters of repairs and maintenance. If you are at the range and something happens, is different in a way that really doesn't look right please place a note on Facebook or email us. Committee members don't get to the range all the time but we can move mountains when things need to be done. But we can't do this if we don't know. Please keep us updated.

It's great getting feedback...

Hi Pete, ecstatic at the mo so wanted to share!

The archery range got to witness something special tonight 😂

I went down to shoot for the 252 40&50y barebow. I've been trying to get the full 252 instead of 189 to challenge myself. Last year my PB for 50y was 238, so shooting at 50y for the first time this year I was hoping for somewhere close if I was lucky. After failing to get the 252 at 40y I worked out what I was doing wrong on the last end. Then proceeded to smash my PB at 50y getting 284! I was dancing down the range 😂. Luckily Kim was the only one there to see it and hear my girly squeals of delight as each gold thudded home. I had 2 ends with 5 gold's.

So thank you for the excellent work you and the committee do to make such an excellent club & facilities that allow for moments like these 😊

Kim's already started aiming for her 20y 252 and is getting close!

Thanks for all the help etc.


AGM 2020 - 24th August 2020 at 8pm

We will soon be gearing up for our AGM in August. This year due to Coronavirus we will be undertaking it via Zoom; an online video meeting service (for those who aren't aware of it). We will keep you all involved but you will need to be connected to the internet with a computer or smartphone to be able to take part. Although you can listen on a mobile phone if you want to.

We'll do our best to keep you all involved. There will also be a number of protocols regarding questioning as, for those of us who have already taken part in online meetings, it can become very difficult to manage when more than one person is speaking at a time. But, don't worry, we'll get through.

Everyone will be invited and we will be letting you know more information as time progresses. But for now, please put the date in your diaries.

Shooting and having fun

In the meantime, please keep going down to our wonderful Archery Range and enjoying what you do. Recently in one session, we had a wildlife bonanza: A Hare, A Red Kite, A Roe Deer, A small black frog and later two massive Buzzards were also using the Archery Range or getting near it. If you are lucky you might also hear the owl that is somewhere behind the range in the woods there. All exciting stuff. And we get to shoot some arrows too. Is there anything more perfect?

Happy Shooting

Pete - Chair

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