Do Something - Get Shooting and Shot Execution

Do Something - Get Shooting

We are so very fortunate to have a dynamic Committee. I don't often refer to them during our blogs but it is time that we paid homage to the work they have all been part of.

Meeing recently on Zoom we spent a good long while working over the risk assessment that challenged us all. We spent time mulling over and refining how we can put our super minds to the task of getting us all shooting again; now that Archery GB had given us the go ahead to begin releasing the constraints of lockdown. After what seemed like an eternity we are now able to use the Archery Range once more.

Some of you are on furlough right now and now might be a good time to let go of the modelling, the lego, the housework, the painting... whatever. Book a slot on Trybooking via the links we've sent you and get outdoors for a while. The Range is open from 6:00am until dark, all you need is a ticket. Today, Saturday, it was ridiculously windy, but we all brought the bosses in to only 10 metres and giggled at nature doing her bit to make us miss... and miss, one or two of us did.

Remember that there are no toilets at the range currently so maybe only having 1:45 hour slots might be a blessing. For the hardy amongst us, you are able to book up to two slots per day but please turn up empty... if you know what I mean.

We've been busy... read on.

At the bottom you'll find a link to a video aimed at coaches. But we are all coaches in our own way, for our own shots so please take a look. You might find it useful.

Eight Little Steps - One Giant Leap

It is important that we thank one or two people who have come out of the woodwork to assist in getting us up and running. Sarah H cannot go without a great deal of that thanks here. She has spent hours and hours on the Range this past week ensuring that it is measured and painted in-line with part of the requirements of Archery GB's 8 point plan. And I'm not the only one who can vouch for her attention to detail. Danny S, deserves our thanks also, for assisting valiantly with all the hard work of measuring, painting, tidying up and re-purposing the shooting shed to a sanitiser station. And a big thank you goes to Paul Jennings, not an archer... but the father of one of our lot. The use of his van was invaluable and a wonderful thing to assist Wymondham Archers in getting our targets to the outdoor Range. Big Thanks Paul (and if you need a carpenter - he's your man).

Click the image of the document if you'd like to take a look at the issues we were required to address to get back to archery. The rest of the committee spent hours going over the risk assessment and ensuring that you, our archers, are properly taken care of.

Boxes of Delight

You will see from the image here an outline of what the archery range looks like now, in all its painted glory. Not only do we have distance lines but we also have newly painted lanes. These lanes are there to ensure that we are a suitable distance apart. Archery GB believe this distance should be around five metres. And we have complied with this but have enhanced the space for the first two lanes of the range, as these have been designated for household groups. That doesn't mean that households can't use other lanes but the first two have bosses that can be set at different distances. And of course if all the lanes are full except for lane 1 or 2, any archer can use them... as long as they have a ticket to be on the range.

Why Ticket...

We are required to manage the numbers of people on the range. If you don't have a ticket, you don't have a lane to shoot in. We can manage up to 11 lanes on the archery range, although at the time of writing this blog, we are using eight. Having a ticket means that you get a lane. If we overload the range people will get too close to each other and we will fall foul of the social distancing measures and guidance on gatherings.

I do believe I have either messaged or telephoned all of you by now encouraging you to complete the questionnaire. You can find it here, complete it and after we've verified you are a Wymondham Archer we'll send you the link to the ticket service.

Stay Alert... No really, Please Stay Alert

We want you to have a wonderful time on the range. It is so very important that we keep to the boundaries that we have set so that we can continue to keep coming to Archery. Whilst we are social creatures... well most of us... we might need to take a new look at how we go about coming along to the Range. In the past it might have been because it was a Monday, a Wednesday or a Saturday... Now, maybe you need to check out the weather first. By doing that you might find out that the mornings are often a better time to come to the Range than the afternoons.

Get it Booked

Our ticket provide Trybooking have been wonderful in providing a heap of support for Sarah in her work to get our ticket system working. Only by having a ticket, will you know how to get in to the venue, of course; as each ticket holds the gate code for you to get in to the site. That gate code may change so it is vital that you read it, or print it, so that you know. I keep hold of my ticket email on my smartphone and will refer to it should anyone wish to ask me. There is a link at the bottom of each email provided by Trybooking. If you have access to a network you can pick up the ticket easily.

Be on Time and Be Ready

The reason we ask that you turn up only 5 minutes prior to your shooting is so that the previous group of archers has time to leave. Again, this prevents a heap of us gathering together during this strange time.

And... this is all about the chance of infection of course, from either those arriving or those leaving.

Those Wretched Two Metres

Well in our case, it's five metres because we have a terrible habit of wandering away from our target line as we approach them. Also, whilst we are pulling arrows from the targets we might find ourselves standing to one side or the other. We all have our tolerances and we must accept that for some of us that may be feel invulnerable, but we could find ourselves brusing up against someone that has a protected person at home, whom we really don't want to harm; please keep the distance between, it's really important right now.

Moving on Up and Sharing

Archery GB have provided advice on not moving Targets. Please be aware that shooting long distances increases the chances of losing an arrow. Touching Targets means that there is a chance of cross infection; however slight - a chance. Please only move a target if you absolutely need to.

We are a generous bunch. We've seen it. It's fantastic. We lend stuff all the time - Limbs, Arrows, Release-aids, you name it. But right now, whilst on the Range please do not share equipment. If you really have to share something to enable another archer to get shooting again, please sanitise it before you use it. We have sanitiser spray available for you to use.

Quick Summary of the Range Usage over the last 7 Days

Whilst Sarah is collating the data on when we are using our Archery Range, we thought you'd be interested in a quick overview. As you can see it is quite busy at some times but not at others. I'm pretty sure that Sarah will be reporting that whilst the variance is quite large we are going to see that we are creatures of habit and just love to turn up on Club Nights. I'm sure she'll be happy to provide something for us all as time progresses. Watch this space.

Shot Execution and Training

We have shown a few videos of late but here is something a little different. Lloyd Brown, Coach to our Olympic hopefuls talks about Shot Execution and Training in the attached Webinar on Shot Execution.

We hope you are well - if you are shooting - Happy Shooting

Chair: Wymondham Archers

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