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WA Constitution 2019

Wymondham Archers Fees

WA Membership Form with Fees

Induction to Wymondham Archers at Wymondham Rugby Football Club - Barnard Fields

Archery GB Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct - Adult Archers

Code of Conduct - Young Archers

Code of Conduct – Coaches, Judges and Officials

Code of Conduct – Spectators, Parents and Carers

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedures

Safeguarding Incident Report Form

Incident Report Form

Risk Assessment - Current Year

Wymondham Archers Outdoor Risk Assessment - Final v1.1

Wymondham Archers Indoor Risk Assessment - September 2019

Insurance Documents

Public Liability Insurance

Employers Liability

Complaints and Discipline Procedures

Discipline and Complaints Policy

Complaint Procedure Form

Range and Field Captain - Terms of Reference

ToR for Range Captain


Score Sheets Explained

Previous AGM Minutes / EGM Minutes

2018 WA AGM Minutes

2018 WA EGM Minutes 6th August

Archery GB - Hardship Membership Fee Waiver Scheme

Archery GB offer a hardship waiver of fees scheme to which members must apply via their Club Secretary. Please see the link here to ascertain whether you qualify. All correspondence with the Club Secretary will remain confidential to the Executive Committee of Wymondham Archers.

Downloadable - AGB Hardship Fund Word document