Locked: But not Down

Busy - Not Busy

For some, like my hard working Doctor wife, lockdown has not seen a minutes peace. But it's not like that for all of us. Sometimes we spend the day looking at the clock when all at once the seconds hand is moving but the hours are stuck; fixed, glued. It can feel like we haven't moved for a week and yet at the end of the day, we wonder where all the time has gone... So, what to do.

Some of our archers I've spoken to over recent weeks have said that they struggle to find the words sometimes. Some talk to me about wanting different conversations, wanting to talk to an adult, or just anyone else would be good. But all are finding it difficult to find the right words on occasion.


Some of you have been going bonkers online, buying those things you need and want. We know this of course because there is an increasing cohort of you who regularly buy through easyfundraising. But don't worry, we don't know what you buy, just that you are donating to Wymondham Archers. Awesome some would say. And we continue to be so very grateful for that. We have a number of heroes that seem to only spend their earnings in support of Wymondham Archers. I'll not embarrass you but needless to say; thank you so very much.

Not Busy

There are times that some of us have not been as busy as we'd like to have been. I'm one... and I've also found in that non-busyness to have discovered a heap of wildlife in our garden. Having purchased 20kgs of bird food (accidentally I might add - I thought I ordered 10kgs - Eek!). The birds in our garden are beautiful, Goldfinches, Cole Tits, Robins, Chaffinches... the list goes on. All wonderful. But that delivery came via a ten tonne lorry. I was hugely embarrassed, not just because of the size of the lorry and the bag, no, more to do with the little issue I had when I lifted it through the house with my 'long-suffering' watching: it split. I laughed so loudly that I think I set a car alarm off in the street. But do you know that feeling that you get sometimes when it's only you laughing... yeah, that happened. I was in big trouble that day. Actually I think I've been in trouble everyday. So, I found out something else during lockdown... If I'm not busy, I get in trouble much more. Idle Minds, I guess.

A note from another Archer.

Here are a few things I've been doing and some of my own worries. Firstly, if I was going to give advice I'd say this...

Keep yourself busy. We often recognise that these times things are hard and it’s sometimes a struggle to keep yourself focused and happy. It’s not easy and I wince when I hear people say, "You are not alone."

So I try and stay focussed on making a routine, as then, things seem to become a little easier. The trouble is I rarely feel like it unless I'm making cake, or fudge - I always feel like making cake and fudge... did I say that already?

And when we can’t just go and see our friends or do the things that keep us sane we might feel the tendency to shut ourselves away or push people away. Although, we do have Zoom now - which I'm quite happy about.

But I am guilty of shutting myself away on occasion even though I know that it doesn’t help. Life can be very challenging sometimes. Finding that extra energy to put a happy face on and tell people it’s okay when really it's not. Although, yoga helps. I did some yoga a while ago and that was quite useful. May be you should have a go.

I worry that all my energy is going to sink further into this hole, And that's why routine works for me , it makes me focus towards rather than away... from the things I want to think about. And yes it is hard and sometimes tiresome.

Even with all this I try and keep myself busy and as active as I can. And would you believe it... I’m running out of things to do now. My house is decorated - whoop, whoop! Except for one room. May be I could fit that into my routine.

My garden is looking its best And all those jobs that had been lingering for months are now completed (well most).

My poor shed has now been tidied 3 times and is now looking the best it ever has. I had to find room for that pick axe. And, maybe I shouldn't say, but my noisy neighbour went missing. But no worries, I now have lovely new raised beds. Ahh, the peace.

It's so very challenging to keep those Dark Clouds at Bay. Sometimes we just have to wait for them to pass.

And please remember that there is always someone who will stand with you, even though you may have your own clouds and they may have theirs.

If you do have an idle moment and finished your Cloudspotters Guide - a great book by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, maybe call someone you might feel would like a chat.

... And on idleness... you probably have guessed that we're on the case for our future...

Advising Archery GB

On behalf of Wymondham Archers and Norfolk Archery Association, I have continued with my advisory role with Archery GB. They and indeed we as a small cohort of Archery Clubs and Associations are working hard to enable us to quickly return to our beloved sport once we are free to roam.

A host of issues have been uncovered by the Global Pandemic, much of it quite domestic. Some of the issues we are looking to include.

  • Social Distancing on Archery Ranges - which includes a re-design of layout
  • Who might be more at risk and who needs protecting more: and how we might do that
  • Partnering with Clubs who are likely to have restricted access to their own ranges
  • Ensuring access to Archery is fair and equitable
  • Cleanliness and Transmission reduction
  • How we might run beginners courses
  • How we might use a track and trace app alongside our archers.
  • ... and a heap more

We are hoping that our work will ensure that we are all at once, safe, and continue to enjoy what we do.

Archery GB and Wymondham Archers are grateful to you all for sticking with us during this strange time; a time that we may reflect on in the future, as the new normal.

... And talking of new...

New Job for Our-Damien

Congratulations to Damien on his brand new job at Clickers... yes you read it Clickers. He started on the last day of April and will be taking internet orders and stock taking for the short term and we are in no doubt that he'll be the Recurve, Compound, Longbow, Barebow and general all round specialist at them all.

Well Done Damien.

Mark's Journey

When it comes to duty, it's important that we stand by our posts....online, on the line and elsewhere: when we find out that a certain time has come in our lives to look out for others. One of our archers, Mark R, has been doing just that. Amongst other activities he's been doing some valiant work for his community and also wishes to support those of us who have had to work out what a prostate is. For the kids reading this... ask your parents. For the rest of us; Mark is doing his bit in a mammoth effort to ride 500 miles.... yes you got that, 500 miles in support of prostate cancer research. Let's see if we can help him along a little by donating a little something.

By Clicking here you can go straight to Mark's Just Giving page.

Here's Marks story.

Prostate Cancer steals men’s lives, but even if it doesn’t kill, it and other Prostate abnormalities can rob men of their dignity and often take away the defining ability of being “a man”. Even where diagnosis is incomplete and the prognosis unknown, effects can be debilitating and distressing, with the “watch and wait regime” casting an ever-present gloom over daily life for years into an uncertain future, sometimes for the remainder of life.

Having myself run the full, and amazingly thorough, gamut of NHS testing including: Catheter Imaging Urology, Ultrasound, an MRI Scan and finally a Transperineal Biopsy, whilst very thankful at not receiving the worst diagnosis, at the same time, also not being “out of the woods yet” is to be in a different kind of Limbo. Research is urgently needed, so that that the next generation of men do not have to fear a prostate cancer diagnosis as an early death sentence, nor fear that even if their condition will not be immediately fatal, they will suffer debilitating and distressing symptoms for the rest of their lives.

After the biopsy, cycling was impossible for me, the main load-bearing area in contact with the saddle being far too tender! This was still true even after some months, and so cycling was very reluctantly taken off the exercise menu. The recent Lockdown drove me to try cycling again, and happily discovering it is now again possible for me, to energise fundraising for this important research, my goal is to try to raise £500 by reaching 500 miles on my bike by the end of July.

A modest target by the standards of many, but since I hadn’t ridden for nearly two years until a couple of weeks ago, and I’ll be 69 years old before it ends, I reckon it will be challenge enough. My job is to keep the miles rolling so you will donate. Your job is to keep the pounds coming in to encourage me to cycle the miles. It’s a race: I hope the pounds win.

Let's see if we can get Mark some way towards his target. Mark's Just Giving Page

When Sad May, be upon us...

Image from Works of AA Milne

Image from the works of AA MilneFinally, Piglet asked Pooh to open his window and look up at the sky, and Pooh did so.

"You see that sky?" Piglet asked his friend. "Do you see the blues and the golds and that big fluffy cloud that looks like a sheep eating a carrot?"

Pooh looked, and he could indeed see the blues and the golds and the big fluffy cloud that looked like a sheep eating a carrot.

"You and I," continued Piglet, "we are both under that same sky. And so, whenever the Sad comes, I want you to look up at that sky, and know that, however far apart we might be physically...we are also, at the same time, together. Perhaps, more together than we have ever been before."

"Do you think this will ever end?" asked Pooh in a small voice.

"This too shall pass," confirmed Piglet. "And I promise you, one day, you and I shall once again sit together, close enough to touch, sharing a little smackerel of something...under that blue gold sky."

AA Milne

Big thank you to Sam P, for this kind addition to our blog.

Stories from Imaginative Boys

There are a heap of stories from two creative boys to be found on our website right now. You might want to go there and take a peek. One or two are a little scary and are actually based on a true story or stories. You will find the link here for Pete's stories. And here for another writer... guess who? But who are the photographs of... can you guess? Both are Archers at Wymondham Archers... go on have a go. Your answers please to Chair.

Work-Out What's Going On

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If you are looking for something a little more sedate you will find Rob's isometric work here.

A New Update from CEO of Archery GB

A Note from Neil Armitage CEO of Archery GB

Be Safe and Take Care


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