Keeping it all together

Dear Archers,

Doing Our Bit

Needless to say, we are working hard behind the scenes to get as much of Club life to you as we can. I could rattle on about how difficult it all is for us but I will assume that we all know that. We're all in this together like a huge Detail of Archers, doing our bit to ensure that we keep safe for our Club Members, fellow sports people, neighbours, friends and family, and the NHS. There is opportunity here too for connection. We can still get in touch with each other we just need to be a little more creative; read on as to how you might be able to do that and more.

Getting Down to Some Exercise - Videos on Warming Up and Core Stability

You might have seen that we have made some adjustments to our website that you might wish to visit. One or two of our Club members, who have all the appropriate qualifications and skills, have put together two fabulous videos for us to review. A great big thank you goes to Alex and his long suffering fantastic assistant for putting together a useful and informative presentation on warming up and core stability. Bravo!!

Please always be kind to yourself. Remember that you are responsible for your actions, and that we provide guidance only. If you do decide to have a go at the exercises please ensure you have space around you and you are strong enough to perform the exercises. Do always look after yourself first. If you are in any doubt about your whether or not you should undertake these exercises, please consult with your health advisor

Getting Down to Some Exercise - Isometrics

But that isn't all. Another of our archers has put together some isometric training ideas also. Now, isometrics will not help you build muscles, as some of you might be very pleased about. But what they can do is keep you in shape. They will enable you to hold a pose for a length of time - determined by you. Please take a look at the work done by Rob, who offers some isometric exercise guidance here.

And Archery GB are also posting Archery related exercises too, so why not chase on over there and have a look.

If you are taking part in the videos at Archery GB please take time to read the disclaimer. We are an Archery GB Club and so adopt the the same values.

Story Telling

You'll also find on the website right now one or two stories. We thank one of our archers who would like to remain nameless for his story of a water based adventure. And, the growing tale of something like 14 sections of a character known only as The Boy, who gets in to all sorts of mischief with his equally adventurous buddies and sometimes long suffering family and his cat, Rusty.

We would like to offer more and will provide webspace for appropriate stories that come our way. If you are something of a story teller please pen something and send it over.

Membership, Beginners Courses and Expressions of Interest

You may also be surprised to find out that during our isolation our membership continues to grow. One of our beginners who finished his course in early March wrote to the club asking if it would be possible to join. The focus was that he'd have something he could look forward to once we come out of lock-down. We welcome him to our club and ask that if any of you are waiting for your beginners course to begin, we will be emailing you letting you know all about it.

Also of note is that we are still receiving expressions of interest from folk who have family, sons, daughters etc; wishing to get in to archery. A recent one arrived with the following... When you do resume I have my 10 year old grand daughter who has her own bow and equipment and is quite proficient but wants to improve can she join at the age of 10. If you could please advise. And of course, the answer is very much yes. Grand Daughters, Grand Sons, Daughters, Sons, Sisters, Brothers, Mothers and Fathers.... all most welcome.

Still Helping Wymondham Archers with your Shopping

Click here to support your ClubWe are doing incredibly well and notice that many of our existing archers continue to purchase through Easyfundraising. Well done to all of you who are doing this. As you have discovered it costs you nothing and our little archery club benefits simply because you purchased items you wanted. I talked about Easy Fundraising on a previous blog. And here we have it again. It is so easy to begin to support us and it costs you nothing. There will be an App for you on Android and Apple. Download it and shop via it and you will raise a heap of funds for the club... Well some funds. But every little helps. And it doesn't cost you anything more than you were going to spend... Or did I already say that.

Zooming Around

Some of us have begun getting used to visiting our pals by using Zoom. It's a fun App and great to be able to catch up with people. Recently my partner and I had dinner with some of our friends and fellow archers, all from the comfort of our homes, and excellent it was too. If you'd like to get hold of the app here are the instructions to get hold of Zoom.

Please take the time to download the free Zoom app on any device you may use for joining in with your friends (on iPads and smart phones, the App is called 'Zoom Cloud Meetings' from the App store). Once downloaded you can access calls and videos, as long as you have sufficiently effective broadband.

I'm sorry that I am unable to offer any more support than this, but there are heaps of youtube videos that might be able to support you should you get stuck.

Club Catch Up on Zoom

If any of you would like to take part in a catch up, I'll find room in my hectic calendar to have a Zoom Catch Up soon. I'll email you directly to give you an invitation.

CEO of Archery GB offers an update

The CEO of Archery GB has written to us all and asked that we read his recent letter. If you have time please take a quick look.

Your Chair Gets Involved: Getting Us Back to Archery in Life After Lockdown

On Wednesday 15th April at around 4pm, I'll be catching up with Archery GB. Much needs to be discussed regarding coming out of lock-down. It brought to mind Kipling's 'Six Honest Serving Men'. Those six (women and men) in a more modern setting may just help us make the right decisions. They are the Who, What, Why, Where, When and How - we will make this work best for us all. A thorough look at What, we need to put in place, needs to be considered. I think we all know the Why; but questions arise about the Who and Where. There is no indication as yet from Government as to how location might affect a return to Archery for us. Consideration, in my opinion, will need to be had towards any national hotspots there may be. And there's also the understanding that some of our fellow archery clubs may be struggling financially or have completely closed. We will be discussing these issues as a committee of Wymondham Archers also, on your behalf, over the coming weeks; keeping you all informed as we go along. Let's keep our fingers crossed for positive resolutions to all these challenging times. As far as the When is concerned, again we need to be mindful that we might not all as a Country, get to begin archery together. Some areas may continue to remain in lock-down whilst others are free to roam (within boundaries). And again, this is just my opinion, which you may already be fed up with. So, here I'll stop on what next.

I'm keen to share with Archery GB any observations that you may have in relation to the six honest men I spoke of earlier; The What, When, Why, How, Where and Who of getting back on the Range.

I hope that you are all well and look forward to sharing some arrows together soon.

Do Rey Me

To end this little ditty of an update and only if you feel you'd like to take part in a sing along. Here is one of the best Covid-covers I've seen to date. I am by no means making light of a serious situation. But, I am doing my best to bring something a little joyful to a rather claustraphobic moment in time. Please enjoy.

Should you wish to ask me about any of the above please do not hesitate to email me.

Pete: Chair

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