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Dear Lovely Archers,


No, I'm not going to suggest you go and hug a tree. Unless that forms part of your regular once per day, on your own or in a family group, regular exercise programme. No, I'm letting you know that just before we were all banned from going out to play, 3 of us from the Club with 8 members of Wymondham Rugby Football Club, planted 450 trees in and around our Archery Range. We have a string Silver Birch running down the left hand side of the range as you imagine looking down from the range from the shooting line. And we have a mixed bag of bushes running down the right hand side, again as you imagine looking down the range from the shooting line; all the way to the pond, providing us with something quite spectacular in years to come. We thank the Woodland Trust for their kind donation and hope that once they have taken we will enjoy our wonderful space even more.

Spending Sprees - Easyfundraising - Helping Us Along While You Shop

Click here to support your Club We're not encouraging you to go and spend all your money, but we are well informed and know that some of you are spending your well earned funds. You would have seen in our previous blogs that we are starting to use Easy Fundraising. It is simple and free to you means of raising funds for our club.We are now well over 100 members and between us we can raise a bucket of funds, just by getting those things online. You can click on the icon link to take you to the App that, once downloaded, leads you to all your favourite shopping outlets. There are over 4,000 of them available to choose from on the Easy Fundraising Application. We realise also that some of you have gone potty with your credit cards.

Please don't forget to shop carefully and safely.


There is a heap of advice out there and here's ours to help you along.

Stick to the facts

You can use all the information found on the NHS website.

Connect with people

As a Committee we have been are using some very useful tools. Zoom has been superb in getting us connected as a team in an effort to head off problems. But only this week the Chair and his partner had Supper with friends using Zoom. It was great fun and all enjoyed it. May be you could try.

Talk about your worries

Chat to your buddies. Give yourself some time to chat with your nearest and dearest. And use the above Zoom to get in touch too. One of our archers, I know has already made email pen pals with the kids of one of their close friends. They share stories and connect. It even helps with home schooling. You'll find a brief video that may help here.

Support and help others

This can go hand in hand with connecting with others. It doesn't take long. Phone people you know. Volunteer for the NHS. Talking we have found is better than digitally chatting. You can get a sense of how people feel if you actually speak to them. Go on give it a try.

And if you are somebody who simply doesn't know who to call please let us know via chairwymondhamarchers@gmail.com, we are here to help if we can.

Make a plan

There is a fantastic adventure by Sir Ernest Shackleton - South. Whilst we are not all stuck in the Antartic, some of what Shackleton did may resonate with you. If you feel like reading it, great. And if you do, let me know, I'll read it again also. Then we can catch up and share notes if you wish. But most of all make a plan.

Look after your body

As part of my little routine everyday, I make sure I do some exercise. My partner and I go for a walk, I make sure I do some other physical exercise also. It all helps just a little. And here's a thing, when you've done what you've done tell someone. Go on show off a little.

Stay on top of difficult feelings

Feelings are not the facts... that is a fact. But feelings are obviously very powerful. Sometimes we can get enmeshed in our feelings and they seem so very real. And if you find yourself there... do some of the above, Connect, Share, Talk, Move and also follow the guidance below... Do something you enjoy, get in the here and now, and try and get some sleep.

Do things you enjoy

If you like to compete and we are very aware that many of you do. Here are a couple of avenues. We cannot condone you shooting at home. We are an Archery GB club after all. But I know that one or two of you have large buildings or a garage or a huge piece of land and you'd like to compete with somebody. You have to ensure that all the caveats of safety are undertaken, and you need to be fully aware that we don't promote this. But we also need to be realistic and accept that some of you will anyway. So do it safely - please. Email me if you wish to compete with someone, I'll pass that on and you can get on with it. In a previous email we have given you details of how you can print off your own faces. You all know the rules of shooting.... please follow them. And get insurance, if you really have to shoot.

And what about other tournaments. You could challenge each other in the Virtual Quizzes we've set up. Get yourself over to there and get competing. They do cost £1 each and you could win a prize. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are awarded.

Focus on the present

Remember when you are told to get in the zone. Well that is being in the present, of course. There are a heap of ways you can do this. I'm doing it now while writing this. I was earlier while I was hoovering the front room (that was more difficult to get in the zone), and it can be very rewarding. Some folk medidate. But you'll get more ideas using the tips from the NHS and many others.

Look after your sleep

I cannot tell you enough about how important your sleep is. Again, there is another wonderful book called "Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams", full of great ideas and the knowledge behind why... indeed, we sleep.

Please be Safe and we hope you Stay Well.

Chair: Wymondham Archers

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