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I write with something of a sombre note for the first part of this blog regarding Covid-19 the Coronavirus that is spreading rapidly across the Country and indeed the Globe, and how that might affect us as a small community of Archers. We have been advised by the Government to take reasonable precautions so that we can in some way contain the spread of the virus. The Prime Minister stating recently that this is the worst public health crisis for a generation. He and his team of Public Health specialists advise that what we are experiencing is not like seasonal flu and owing to the lack of immunity for all of us, this disease is more dangerous. It will spread further and is likely to impact on us at Club.

We would love for you to continue to come to Archery but ask that if you are suffering with any of the symptoms that have been reported by Public Health England and the Government: that you do not come along.

In case you don't recall what the symptoms are here is a brief summary. Coronavirus infects the lungs. The symptoms start with a fever followed by a dry cough, (this has been described by some as persistent) which can lead to breathing problems. It takes five days on average to start showing the symptoms, scientists have said, but some people will get symptoms much later than this. The incubation period lasts up to 14 days, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. But some researchers say it may be up to 24 days.

What about if I think I'm well and want to come along to Archery

Please come along to your Club Sessions if you are feeling well. And again, please take reasobable precautions. Archery GB have also offered guidance and you can find it here. We want to continue to be able to provide archery for all our Club members but should it turn out that we are struggling with numbers of helpers we will let you know. We often struggle at the beginning and the end of our sessions as folk seem to want to turn up midway through the session, leaving before the end. We have a great cohort of Archery Elves, who do come but may be now would be a good time to either stay right up to the end or come along early to help with setting up. It takes around 10-15 minutes to set up the hall with around 5/6 helpers. I can't thank enough the people who come along regularly and ask that, all being well, they continue to do so. Remember that we can get in to the hall from around 18:00 hours and need to be thinking about clearing away from 21:10 hours. We also need more people to get to know how it all goes together. It'd be rotten if a good few of you turned up and nobody knew how to put it together. Please come along and learn how it' all done.... and undone.

What if I have to self isolate

Let's hope that none of us have to self isolate. But, we are a resilient bunch of Archers and have to realistic. One or more of us will inevitably get sick. So, what can Wymondham Archers do to avoid you spending so much time at home on your own. Well, let's do what we can to stay in touch. There are just over 100 of us in our Club and there is no reason why we can't manage to somehow touch-base with those who might be going through a lonely time.

If you do find yourself sick with the symptoms highlighted in this blog and within the media, why don't you let one of us know. I've linked my email address here, so that if you do get sick you can stay in touch. If you do get in touch we can set up a WhatsApp Group, Messenger or Facebook and chat over the internet, catch up on video and bring others in to support. We can find out if there is anything we can do to support each other and so on. The important thing is that we do share a common interest and it'd be lovely to see us supporting each other should those circumstances transpire.

For those Shooting Outdoors

With the current guidance it seems that being outdoors looks like a better option, if you are fit and well - although it is quite chilly at the moment.

The range is open, as usual, and offers the shelter of our Shooting Shed. There have been archers there recently, reporting back that, once out of the wind the conditions weren't too bad.

Remember that if you are there and shooting from the shed please place any warning signs out for others to see.

Happy Shooting

And please do get in touch if you fall ill to this Virus

Chair - Wymondham Archers

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