New Year Eat Shoot Repeat

Dear Lovely Archers - We wish you a wonderful and happy New Year for 2020

If you had a good Christmas you most likely don't feel like this poor fellow. We have a heap of things going on this year and feel blessed that our little club is blossoming beautifully. The year just gone was good for us and we all have worked so very hard to keep us buoyant, motivated and to find time to enjoy the company of others. Our Curry Club has gone from strength to strength (more on future dates later) as well as the Cinema Detail, which has attracted more than 15% of the club membership. Amongst other cinematic spectaculars we watched were Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Terminator: Dark Fate and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Now you might have noticed that it was all a bit Sci-Fi oriented, so why not get involved and encourage us to go along and see other films too. We all love to go to the cinema and it's great to go with buddies - If you suggest a film to anyone on the committee I'm pretty sure we'll get to go and see it. And, if you're just happy to come along, then look out for the emails that come to your inbox. It's simple to take part. We send you the date, time, location and screen number and we all meet up approximately 30 minutes before to enjoy a chat and a coffee... or whatever you like to partake in before sitting in the dark for 2 hours.

Curry Club Date for Februrary - Shapla: Wymondham - 19:00 Hours - 6th February 2020

We reckon that we might be hungry again by the end of January, so we've considered the 6th Feburary 2020 for our next Curry Spectacular. They are becoming so very popular that you'll need to get in early. There is nothing to pay up front and again the process is simple. You just email back by clicking here stating that you'd like to come along; then we put you on the list. All we ask is that you just turn up on the date, time and location we've arranged and Bob's Your Uncle... we all sit down and enjoy the company of others and a fabulous Curry.

Postal League and Tournaments Dates - 2020

We really are moving along on the tournament front. We have two tournaments set for future months, the first being on Sunday 1st March 2020 and will be our very first Indoor Tournament - WA Combined. If you'd like to take part we have a few places left but with 75% of the places already gone for the first session at 25 metres and a staggering 86% of the places gone for the second 18 metre session, you really need to get a whistle on. There are 9 spaces free for the AM session (25 metres) and 5 spaces free for the PM session (18 metres). We encourage all of you to take part. It's a hoot and you'll be hearing lots of hooting on the day, as the timing system uses hoots to keep us all on the straight and narrow. We usually giggle a heap and privately curse under our breath on those occasions when we don't hit what we're aiming at. Go on, you'll love it. Just email Sarah and ask about it. If this is not for you, please can you offer your support on the day. We need your help please if you can spare the day or just a few hours to help out with tournament stuff.

We are collecting for the raffle also, so if you have any unwanted Christmas Gifts you'd like to see the back of, please offer them up for our raffle. Just email Pete.

During the early part of the Summer we will be hosting another tournament - outdoors this time. June 13th and 14th 2020 will see us offering our services to the archers of Norfolk and beyond when we host our summer spectacular. We haven't begun our major canvassing as yet but we are still seeking help this early on. We need your help please if you can spare the Saturday, the Sunday or both to help out with tournament stuff.

Winter Postal League

Wymondham Archers are doing quite well this month with our efforts on the Winter Postal League. Well done to all that have taken part in the tournament and handed in scores; you are so very much appreciated. Remember it's all a little bit of fun and healthy competitiveness between the clubs in Norfolk. As you can see we are neck and neck with Hingham, our beloved rivals down the road. Please can you make every effort to get to the postal league days when they are advertised. And here is the first January 18th 2020 at Club - a Portsmouth Round. Ta very much.

Lady Belt Country Park - Saturday, July 5th 2020 and Family Day - 11th July 2020

This years events are already coming in. We have been invited once again to take part in the family fun day at Ladybelt Country Park. The date has been set for Saturday, July 5th 2020 - all day, it all starts at 11:00am and finishes at 4:00pm. We will be seeking volunteers to come along and help. Please take a look at your diaries and see if you can fit us in. If you can please email me so that I can put you down as supporting the day. But that's not all, we have also been asked to support the Police for their Family Day on Saturday 11th July 2020 - all day. We raise funds for the club on these days and also bring in beginners. Please put your hat in the ring to offer your support on these days. They really are great fun.

Wearing your Arm Guard and Getting More Tuition

One of our Archers recently showed me a little bruise that comes about from the occasional string slap. She was wearing her arm guard but managed to get the string to hit herself so hard it bruised her arm, black and blue... and some other colours. Please wear your arm protection- it really can serve you well. If you need any help or support with your technique, your bow, arrows or other set up please talk to Daron, Pete, Peter or Lee. If we don't know the answers we will consult high and low to get to the bottom of whatever is going on for you.

Membership levels

We are growing fast. Our overall membership is up to a respectable 94 members - and includes one member who is a second club member. I am very pleased to report that our membership range is from 7 - 80 years. Our youngest being the son of one of our archers and the oldest pulls the heaviest bow in the club at a whopping 100lbs. We have 17 members in our junior club and 5 intermediates (18-25) but most of our archers are over 40 at just over 52%. One statistic we are proud of in particular is that over 32% of our archers are women. Here are a few more of the statistics that you might like to take a look at.

Easy Funding

Click here to support your Club You've all heard me blather on about funding. Funding is very important to our Club. For those of you who know, you will be aware that our Club subscriptions do not currently meet the costs of running our Club each year. We actually need about 100 adult members to be able to make ends meet. We don't have that many as yet and are working to raise funds. You can raise funds for our club free of charge to you when you purchase those things you need by first using the Easy Funding App available for Apple or Android The way it works is so simple, even I can do it. Once the App is on your device or your computer and you wish to purchase something from online, click the application or link and go shopping through the App or the website. It's that easy, really it is. You can get the link by clicking on the image here. And... If you're renewing your car insurance this month, you can save money and raise up to £37.50 for Wymondham Archers! More Than, Direct Line, AA, Admiral Multicar, MoneySupermarket, GoCompare and many more will all donate for FREE when you use #easyfundraising to take out a policy with them! Visit EasyFundRaising

Tree Planting Days in February

We are continuing to improve our facilities at the field. We thank Bill Bankes-Jones for all his hard work. He was out there this past week or so painting lines on the grass while most of us were sheltering from the cold. A big thanks to you for this Bill. But there is more... we have managed to get sponsorship for some trees to be added to the trees that have been planted by Wymondham Rugby Football Club. We intend to plant these trees around the pond at the end of our Archery Range and intersperse others around the pitches. We are seeking your help and support. Please lend us a hand as part of a Field Party of Planters in Mid February to Mid March. We will let you know the dates as they come to us. If you feel you'd like to help please email me. Ta.

Happy Shooting

Pete: Chair - Wymondham Archers

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