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I hope you are well and making the most of what sunshine we are offered as we delve in to the colder months of the year.

Level I Coaches get their Qualification

Two New Coaches

I am so happy to let you all know that we have two brand new coaches. Lee and Chris managed to pass their Level 1 Coaching Award on Sunday 15th December 2019. We welcome them onboard and thank them for putting themselves forward for the future of our little Archery Club. They are very different coaches too, Chris, as I joke with him often, seems to have come from the womb with a bow in his hand, whereas Lee is fairly new to archery. Lee and Chris have worked hard to cultivate their own method of teaching and have already worked with so many of our new archers. Thank you both for being there for our Club.

The Social in Archery

Christmas Shoot at Club - 21st December 2019 - Easton College from 13:30 Hours

You might be aware that our Christmas Shoot is on it's way. We would love for you to come along and have some fun. We have a heap of things to do and it'd be great to be able to wish you all a Happy Christmas. Here is a taster of the Archer nonesense.

A William & Wilma Tell Round, a Pizza Round (don't get excited Susie), a Reverse Scoring Round, a Sticker Round, a Dice Round, a Shoot Through the Tube Round and a 3 Questions Round... Of course we are going to Shoot Balloons too. Everybody wants to shoot a balloon - Everybody. Scoresheets will be provided on Saturday.

But we need a little help to make it work.

We will need sweet and savoury foods to share on the night. Please can you bring along some finger food that you would be happy to share. If you wish to do this please contact me so that we are able to sort savoury and the sweet... and that we don't get fifty packs of chocolate fingers... although some would think that was perfect.

Curry Night a Super Festive Success Not much turkey was consumed by the Curry Night Detail. All 20 of us sat down for a wonderfully put together meal at Shapla Tandoori in Wymondham. It all got a bit crackers, and I'm not talking about the poppadoms. Silly hats, silly jokes and bowls of that good old and most English of Christmas Meals... a Curry.

Easy Funding - Helping Us Along While You Shop

Click here to support your Club I talked about Easy Fundraising on my last blog. And here we have it again. It is so easy to begin to support us and it costs you nothing. There will be an App for you on Android and Apple. Download it and shop via it and you will raise a heap of funds for the club... Well some funds. But every little helps. And it doesn't cost you anything more than you were going to spend... Or did I already say that.

It's simple to download and a super means to raise funds for your club. Our indoor season costs us over £7k for the gym we use. This is fine if we have the members and our membership is growing. We are now well over 80 members and look to keep growing with our continuous beginners courses. You can click on the link below to take you to the App that, once downloaded, leads you to all your favourite shopping outlets. There are over 4,000 of them available to choose from on the Easy Fundriasing Application.

A Little Bit About Practice and Fitness

Deliberate Practice

What is deliberate practice? In a nutshell it's practice with focussing on something that you deliberately give your attention to. It can be quite meditative and also can help make enormous improvements simply because you are giving your attention to it, whatever that might be. And it's interesting that how clever you are, or even how practical you are has very little to do with how well you might progress. It's all about what you put your attention to. And this can make a huge difference to your Archery experience, your stance, your draw, your aiming, your anchor/reference point, your release and so forth. Some of the techniques that we are endeavouring to achieve are not in themselves difficult. It seems that when we attempt to put them all together one or two of the collective go... well, a little squiffy.

**TED Talk**It seems from the talk here by Angela Duckworth (who in my opinion is a genius) that much of what we do is about how we go about what we do rather than the fact that we just get on with what we do. You can see a short six minute TED Talk by clicking on the image. Dr Angela Duckworth gives an overview of what she calls GRIT. What you'll get to find out is that it's not about strength; which is why I am often found saying that this is the reason why so many women are better at Archery than so many men, because it's not about strength. And, women listen better. So if it's not about your IQ or about your strength or about your practical skills, what is it about.

Click HereI don't know how often I've coached folk and said that you are undertaking a Journey Sport or Journey Discipline rather than a Destination Sport. (I know, I've also said put the string under your chin, no not that one, but hey, sometimes I can be silly too). Archery is a Journey Discipline, where each time we practice we could take an opportunity to select a part of what we do and give it some of or indeed most of, our attention - may be 30% but keep that focus on for the entire session.* If we want to practice something each session, it seems that there is a way that we can do this. Click on the image to see another talk by a team that show us how we can go about our daily practice, in whatever we wish to get a little better at. There is much talk on the 10,000 hours that folk speak of. 10,000 hours is what we do when we want to be an Olympian. But my guess is that most of us just want to get a little better. So why not focus on getting the little things a little better.

So how do we build that GRIT, how do we make what seems so very difficult into something that seems... less so. Oddly enough it looks like talent isn't the driver. It appears that there is something else, something that hone what we need to, to move us towards that goals we want. And may be it's the little goals that we might wish to focus on, not the big ones; getting that small part right before we begin to focus on the next one. The process of being able to make these steps is by adopting something that scientists call a Growth Mindset. Being able to make mistakes, it turns out, is important to not making them.

There are some super Apps that can be downloaded to our personal devices to help you think about what you might need to focus on or what mistakes you might be making; now that we know it's all just part of being a little better at what we do. And whilst I haven't done anything like a thorough review of them here is one that you might find very useful. This one is in the Apple Store and may be available on Android also.


I've often been asked about specific parts of the fitness aspect of shooting. Recently I was asked about stabilising the front shoulder. If we remember that what we put our minds to gets more understood, we can apply the same to various parts of our shot. Stabilising the front shoulder is actually something of a challenge. The main part of this stabilisation stems from the core strength that we may or may not have. If you are able to do Dead Bug exercises, this may help. Please look them up. And please don't do these unless you have checked out that you are okay to do them. Be Careful.

Secondly, we need to focus on our rotator cuff strength. And here are a few tricks. If you want to steady the frond hand why not draw a little mark on the back of your first knuckle and with a slight weight in your hand lift up the dotted knuckle and hold it at a point where you would roughly be when focussing on a target. You might want to put a dot somewhere ahead so you can align the two. Hold it there for a while. You might also want to adopt the archers pose. Or even better use a clini band and be under tension while you are there steadying yourself.

Terry Has a Birthday

Our beloved Terry, our oldest archer had his 80th Birthday this week. It was fabulous to share the day, well the day before, with him as part of his birthday celebrations. Inspite of his, let's say experience, Terry continues to be a stalwart member of the club. He often helps in the running of the club, ever ready to lend a hand. He is a regular attendee at tournaments in and around the County. When outdoors you might catch him with his 100lb bow in his hands shooting at the 100 yard boss. Terry was delighted this year when he managed to get his 60 yard 252 badge that he had persisted at all summer. Cakes are on the way when the Birthday Boy arrives at Club on Wednesday. I'm sure we'll get very silly on the sugar rush that I'm sure will ensue.

Tuning : Re-tuning and Fiddling... Remember that Monday evenings is tuning, re-tuning and fiddling about with your technique night. Please make sure that you have spoken to Daron beforehand so that he can prepare what he needs for you.

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