Dark Days are Reducing Let’s Get Shooting

That Field

You may remember that we also have a permanent outdoor archery range. Well, it's doing really well at the moment: even if it's a little boggy in places. The grass is thriving, it's been fertilised and the equipment is in good order. But, none of this would be happening if it wasn't for one or two of our silent and most agreeable of chaps. Firstly I'd like to thank Bill. Bill goes out there and walks up and down with our line painter doing a most wonderful job of painting the lines. Wymondham Archers are most thankful for his brave effort - as you may have realised, it can be cold sometimes. Thanks Bill.

But that's not all that happens out there in the wilds of Norfolk. Another Archer, Steve (Bissy to those who love him), is very bissy (puntastic) checking all the outdoor bosses for us. We, again, are so very grateful for him doing this for us. On the rare occasion when work needs done he co-opts another to help him out and get the layers of the bosses back in order. Big thanks Bissy.

And there's another fella you may know, he's not so silent and I've noticed may be the subject of one or two little jokes. But I'd like to offer him some thanks also. Danny S does some stalwart work for the Club. He has made ground quivers for us, does bow repairs and recently took home a rather large wadge of Arrows for repair; all returned within a couple of days looking as good as new. Big thanks Danny, the arrows are looking great and the ground quivers are a useful store for our seemingly growing hord of arrows.

If you haven't had an induction to our Outdoor Range, because you are new to us, please email me so that we can arrange a visit, get your induction done and let you know how it all works. We don't want you to miss out on this fabulous place.

Dates to Book

There are a couple of local tournaments coming up that you might wish to take part in.

CONA - with their indoor field shoot. and their WRS WA25.

Hingham - are holding somethign they call their Bow-Nanza

At Wymondham Archers, we would love for you to come along to our WA Combined. Right now though you can only do so as a spectator as all the spaces are full. If you'd like to go on the waiting list please email Sarah. And of course we will be hosting our Summer spectacular later in the year. Watch this space but for now pencil in your diaries to be at Wymondham Archers outdoor range for 13th and 14th June 2020.

Shooting to the Moon - Once More

We are Shooting To The Moon again this year. As soon as we have dates you'll be notified. But for now we'd like to let you know that we are partnering again with Nelsons Journey who were very happy to have us support them last year. If we get sufficient people taking part this year, we believe any number of heavenly things could happen - may be the Moon and Back?

Whisky Galore

Wymondham Archers - English Whisky Company Distillery Tour February 2020

The English Whisky Company, is once again pleased to offer Wymondham Archers a special group tour of St George’s Distillery, to include Tastings as follows:

Date and Time: Sunday 23rd February 1315 - 1430

All participating must be ready to start the tour at the Distillery no later than 1315 hours, as this special tour is interleaved between the normal tours (which start on the hour), and timings are very tight.

Tastings may continue beyond 1430 hours.

We are offering a Discounted Tour of £10 per head (the normal charge is £12.50) which includes a £5 voucher redeemable against £30 purchase of English Whisky products.

Numbers: - Limited to an absolute maximum of 24 - first come, first served.

Booking: - The master sign-up sheet is held by Pete the Chairman, but places will only be guaranteed upon prior payment. If you wish to come along please click the link and we'll forward you to a payment page. Fill in the details and your on the list. If we become full the link will cease to work. This is a direct debit payment and you will only be charged once.

Tastings: - Tastings are part of the tour. Those intending to enjoy them should ensure they make suitable arrangements for the return drive home.

Tour Guide: - Mark Rundle, a member of Wymondham Archers.

Lunch: - Lunch at the Distillery restaurant is available, but is not a part of the organised tour, and should be arranged and paid for by individuals. If enough tour members indicate they do wish to eat at the Distillery beforehand, it may be possible to arrange reserved seating together, but Sunday is a busy lunch meal, and in any case it is strongly advised that the meal is ordered no later than 1145, if the 1315 tour assembly time is to be achieved.

Sadly the start of the tour cannot be delayed for latecomers - please arrive in good time.

WA - Equipment Set Up Course

The fabulous Daron has once again been at the books looking to put together more information relating to how our kit works. He's sorted out an Equipment Set up course all ready for us to be moving outdoors for the Summer. It all happens on a Monday evening (and we apologise to anyone who cannot make a Monday), first with equipment theory and selection. Then later on Session 2 we move to Bow Setup and subsequently on Session 3 it's all about the Tuning.

Each Session lasts for. around 2 hours and if the last sessions were anything to judge by, these will be fantastic. You are all encouraged to join in.

And, they are FREE, to Wymondham Archers Full Members

Equipment course: starting Monday 10th Feb 2020 3 sessions of 2 hrs on Monday evenings starting at 6:30 pm ish. Session 1; equipment, theory and selection. Session 2: bow setup Session 3: tuning

Collecting Our Rubbish As We Go Along

On one of my recent check up visits to our outdoor range, I found this little item of rubbish sticking out from behind the faces tubes, along with another face tucked behind one of the storage shelves inside the shooting shed, I often find that we have had archers turn up even in these drissley cold days. I'm hugely impressed that we have such hardy folk. And of course we are going to use up faces, because I'm hoping that if you are shooting at the bosses, you are hitting them. And faces are going to get used up - this is just part of the process of archery. It's really easy to get rid of the rubbish that accumulates on the range and that's by taking a little away at a time. Please don't worry if you find yourself thinking that if I take this smashed up face home somebody will think I've stolen it. We know what's being used on the range, we have CCTV, we have regular visits and we have, at the Rugby Club, three huge wheelie bins. Please just place the damaged faces in there. How do I know when the face needs changing... when the middle is missing, when the lines can no longer be seen, if it's torn beyond normal usage and when the face has faded from being in the sun and you can no longer see the different colours. If you want to let somebody know, put a note on Facebook or just email the club Secretary

Blind Mans Buff

Organised by our Coach Lee, our blind-folded archer tournament was an absolute success. Many of us took part aiming to get at lease one or two arrows on the boss. Put together following his attendance at a recent coaching day Lee decided that it would be fun to get our very own archers to have a go at being blind-folded and attempt to shoot. For the partner of the archer it was all about talking the archer through what was needed to happen, where to stand, where to aim, how they were feeling. For the Archer it was all about the sensory approach to the shot. Where they felt they were standing, where they felt they were aiming with the release of the arrow forming almost a secondary part of the shot. Certainly the Gold didn't play a part in the archer hitting it. And this brings me on to a very important point. The Gold actually doesn't play a part in any of us hitting it, even if we have perfect vision; which sadly many of us don't.

A very pround Rob does a Year and gets a Portsmouth 475 Badge.

Today, 1st Feburary 2020, as I write this, was exactly a year ago, so Rob tells me, that he began his beginners course with Wymondham Archers. Rob is such a hardworking archer. Quiet, always wears that silly hat (but I can't talk on that one) and often shows up simply to shoot some arrows. Rob falls into one of our most trusted groups of archers. A man of a certain age (not disclosed here on matters of respect) and does his thing. Incidentally, over 52% of our archers are over 40. I was very pleased today to have been able to give Rob his 475 badge as immediately following he reminded me that it was a year ago that he started. Well done to Rob for joining Wymondham Archers and for simply doing that thing that leads to us improving, perservering.

Ellouise gets her Beginners Course Certificate - and our Family Groups Get Bigger

It's always lovely when we get beginners through the door and this beginner was no exception. A cheaky monkey and very able. I'm sure she'll go far. Typically it was Ellouise that wanted to begin archery but it turns out that Dad, who brought her along thought he'd have a go also. Now, of course, they have both begun archery and we look forward to them standing on the archery range line pinging arrows with the rest of us. As an interesting point, over 40% of our members form part of a family group. This excellent statistic serves us well and fits neatly in with our values and direction as a family friendly Archery Club.

Easy Fundraising

You've all heard me blather on about funding. Funding is very important to our Club. For those of you who know, you will be aware that our Club subscriptions do not currently meet the costs of running our Club each year. We actually need about 100 adult members to be able to make ends meet. We don't have that many as yet and are working to raise funds. You can raise funds for our club free of charge to you when you purchase those things you need by first using the Easy Funding App available for Apple or Android The way it works is so simple, even I can do it. Once the App is on your device or your computer and you wish to purchase something from online, click the application or link and go shopping through the App or the website. It's that easy, really it is. You can get the link by clicking on the image here. And... If you're renewing your car insurance this month, you can save money and raise up to £37.50 for Wymondham Archers! More Than, Direct Line, AA, Admiral Multicar, MoneySupermarket, GoCompare and many more will all donate for FREE when you use #easyfundraising to take out a policy with them! Visit EasyFundRaising

And remember that raising funds for the Club is as easy as Retail Therapy - and it really is free to you Please remember to use easyfundraising every time you shop online. Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us, including all the big names like eBay, John Lewis & Partners, Argos, ASOS, Expedia, M&S, Just Eat, Uswitch and many more! This means you can raise FREE donations for us no matter what you’re buying.

If you haven’t signed up to support us yet, it’s easy and completely FREE. These donations really help us, so it would be great if you could take a moment to get started!

You can find our easyfundraising page here.

Thank you!

Happy Shooting


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