December News No.2

So Much Going on...

Archers go to Quiz Night at Wymondham Rugby Club

All the mayhem of competition features in this article. Later you'll read of our National Champions but here we are focussing on our Quiz and Chips Night where we challenged some hefty competition to eventually come in at 9th out of roughly 17 teams. Bot bad considering who were in team. It was fun and inexpensive at £20 per team. We had fancy chips, a little beverage (some of us only soft drinks because we were driving.... I'm not holding a grudge or anyfing). We laughed heaps and even got some of the questions right.

Fakenham Tournament Unusual Surprises

Here's a little taster of things that can happen at a tournament. A budding artist took the time to draw an unsuspecting archer and it happened to be your Chair. How surprised was I and the likeness is rather spooky - Eek! that really is a freaky front arm isn't it!

United Kingdom National Indoor Championships - Winners from Wymondham Archers

Layla - Part of the Southern Counties Archery Society Winning Team at the National Indoor Championships 2019 Wymondham Archers were making the news this week with two of our archers heading off to the National Indoor Championships on Saturday 30th November 2019 and Sunday 1st December 2019. You can see our first image here where Layla - forms part of the Southern Counties Archery Society Winning Team at the National Indoor Championships 2019. You will see these two working hard with their father Chris, each week when they come along. It's good to watch them practice as they have a particular way of going about their shooting - calm, focused but yet still engaging with other archers, laughing and joining in. Just what we need really. There was stiff competition and where Layla managed to achieve Bronze, having only just scraped into the adult category. Bravo!!

But it didn't stop there, her younger sister Anya, managed to win Silver at the same tournament making it a double podium for the Sisters. .

Oh and there's more... Layla had already bagged a Silver in the head to head tournament on the Saturday. We understand this made it a difficult journey home; with Dad having to hire a pantechnicon to get all the bling home. An important consideration to make with the two sisters here is that they don't practice as much as most people think. So, they must be doing something that makes their effort more worthwhile. If you do take the time to see how they go about their shooting you'll notice that they focus on one thing at a time. They will make a change and work with that change for a while. Then, when it's embedded they consider what else might need changing. This makes archery a journey sport, rather than a destination sport and can be applied to all levels of archer.

If you speak to one of the coaches at Club you can ask about what you might need to focus on next. Ultimately it'll come down to how much you want to practice this way. Some folk find it too serious as they want to come to archery to be around their friends, socialise for a while, drink coffee and scoff all the biscuits... but that's enough about me... You may wish to do both; and you can. Talk to Daron or one of the Pete's, Lee or Chris and we'll be more than happy to help you along (Please bring biscuits).

Keeping up appearances and making repairs

These two badly behaved archers helped make repairs this last week or so ago. They really were up to no good, but they say they were framed - but most of us think they are the picture of archery. On a more serious note we have to regularly repair/replace parts of the bosses so that you don't shoot through them. Turning the bosses through ninety degrees every now and then helps but there is another thing that can help... And that is shooting at 3 spot faces all the time rather than single spot. This will save us a huge amount of time and expense and could save you a fortune too. Only recently I managed to smash one of our newly returned archers arrows - a proper Robin Hood. It was a double misery that day, as I missed the Gold to do that. She was spitting mad, and I was really disappointed. Hey Ho!!

By simply aiming at various places on the target you can save your arrows and our bosses. Each one of the bosses costs over £700.00 and we endeavour to keep them as tidy as possible. You can play a part in saving ourselves huge costs by selecting to shoot at 3 spot faces. This can be done for practice but if you are doing your absolute best to get a higher score for a Portsmouth Badge you may wish to select a single sport. The 3 spot faces score down to a 6 whereas the single spot is a ten zone face. We would like you to get the best score possible so select the face based on your needs please.

Use Your Own Cups - with Lid Please

We are priveleged to be able to enjoy a cuppa during our Club sessions. The Gym floor whilst quite hardy is used by many sports and we ask that you plesae bring your own cup should you want to enjoy a tea or coffee while you are at the Gym.

For those who might not know, we are provided with a water heater outside the gym. Please enjoy the space where you can take a few minutes away from the shooting line, catch with pals or speak with a coach if you wish. We hold our training sessions and bow set sessions in there also.

Christmas Fun Shoot - 21st December at Easton College from 13:30 hours

Our Christmas Fun Shoot is being organised this year by our very own Carole. Great big thanks go to her for giving it some time and working the magic so that we all have a lovely Christmas Fun Session.

When you come along you'll be given a number and from then on it's mahem. Here's a little taster of what ne happening (although we are not expecting Santa).

A William & Wilma Tell Round, a Pizza Round (don't get excited Susie), a Reverse Scoring Round, a Sticker Round, a Dice Round, a Shoot Through the Tube Round and a 3 Questions Round... Of course we are going to Shoot Balloons too. Everybody wants to shoot a balloon - Everybody.

Easy Funding - Helping Us Along While You Shop

Click here to support your Club You would have seen in our last blog that we are starting to use Eaasy Fundraising. This is a simple and free to you means to raise funds for your club. Our indoor season costs us over £7k for the gym we use. This is fine if we have the members and our membership is growing. We are now well over 80 members and look to keep growing with our continuous beginners courses. You can click on the link below to take you to the App that, once downloaded, leads you to all your favourite shopping outlets. There are over 4,000 of them available to choose from on the Easy Fundriasing Application.

Happy Shooting


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