Christmas is Coming

Success at Fakenham WA 18 Shoot

It was great to see so many of Wymondham Archers at the Weekend at Fakenham’s WA18 Shoot. Just over 10% of the clubs archers attended. Olivia, Andrea, Danny, Sarah, Sam, Terry, Pete, Chris, Layla and Anya. It is always such a pleasure taking part in a tournament with fellow Wymondham Archers. Well done to you all, I hope you had a fabulous day. Winners were found in the categories of Ladies Compound 1st and 2nd, Junior Ladies Compound 1st and 2nd. Ladies Barebow 1st, Gents Barebow 1st, Gents Recurve 2nd. Well done to you all. 😊

Christmas Fun Shoot

Our Christmas Fun Shoot is being organised this year by our very own Carole. Great big thanks go to her for giving it some time and working the magic so that we all have a lovely Christmas Fun Session.

When you come along you'll be given a number and from then on it's mahem. Here's a little taster of what ne happening (although we are not expecting Santa).

1. A William Tell Round - of only three Arrows. You'll be shooitng at some fruit (Paper... not real) and only imagining who's head you'd like to see it on. If you hit it - 10 points, 1 point for a miss. Each person scores for the person on their left... unless you are at the end of a line when teamwork applies.

2. Wilma Tell Round - of only three Arrows. - as 1.

3. Just Shoot the Face - of only three Arrows Score for the person on your right. (10 Zone scoring rules apply)

4. Pizza round - Shoot every Colour on the Face at least once - Five Arrow End. White for Flour, Black for Olives, Blue for the Plate, Red for Tomatoes and Yellow for Cheese. One arrow in each colour. You start with 10 points and lose 1 for each colour missed.

5. Reverse scoring - of only three Arrows - Gold x is 1  and White is 10 Score your highest score.

6. Sticker round - of only three Arrows Shoot the Stickers and get a surprise on the score you receive. Negative scores may apply.

7. Dice Round - of only three Arrows - Judge rolls a dice - Archers have to shoot the number rolled or higher. Lower numbers are taken from the End total. 3 Arrow end.

8. Shoot Through The Tube - of only three Arrows - 10 points for a hit, 1 point for a miss.

9. 3 Arrows, 3 Questions - Higher the Score, Harder the Question. Hit the score, fluff the question - No Points.

10. Shoot the balloon - of only three Arrows - 10 points for each hit.1 for a miss.

Raffle Prizes Wanted

Please can you bring along some of those unwanted gifts for our raffle at our Tournament on 1st March 2020.

The Long Shot Sessions - 25 metres - 18 metres and a little less

Please come along to our sessions where we shoot 25 metres in the range. We are holding our first of these on December 14th 2019 and then on consecutive Sessions from 4th January 2020, until the end of the Winter Season on 4th April 2020. The Long Shot Sessions are for only part of each session and will begin at around 3pm on each of the days. Please come along and try your hand at the longer indoor distances.

Supporting Your Club Through Free Sponsorship

We are excited to let you know that we’re now registered with easyfundraising, which means you can help us for FREE. Over 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to shop with them – at no extra cost to yourself! All you need to do is sign up and remember to use easyfundraising whenever you shop online. It’s easy and completely FREE! These donations really mount up, so please sign up to support us by clicking here. Why not give it a try. Click on the 'Raise Free Funds' icon.

Tournament Time - 1st March 2020

We don't hold many tournaments at our little club. But we are holding one on 1st March 2020. Why don't you sign up and have a go at a WA Combined. That means shooting at 25m and 18m during the course of the tournament. It's an all day affair if you do both. But, for those who'd like to do only part of the session, we can accommodate that. Just sign up for any combination of Am/PM or both. We look forward to seeing you there.

Other tournaments that are up and coming are... County Championships on February 2, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm found here.. WA 25 at City of Norwich Archers March 29, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm found here. End of Season Shoot April 5, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 6:00 pm found here.

And here's something a little different

One of our archers Rob P. brought in these little gems all the way from the USA where one of his family found them. Original Native American arrow heads. Showing that our noble art is truly ancient and still bringing us a taste of the history that continues to be palpable even today. Click on the image to get a better look.

Happy Shooting


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