Christmas Fun Frostbite Lunch

Halloween and Other Scary Things.

We've had Halloween when we were all spooked out by the hats and cheesy smiles. We were lucky enough to enjoy some of the wonderful chocolate delights from our Mandy when on the session before she brought along some of her scary brownies. Oh My Goodness, we were all addicted immediately. Such delights... what next. Oh well, read on.

It was good cake...

Big thanks to Mandy.

Badges Galore

Well done to some of our badge winners here last week. Super effort.

Robin Hood in the Red and Somebody Gets Throttled - Eek!

Yes, it does happen from time to time but poor Nat had only used her arrows for a week and yours truly smashed one to pieces. Oh well she got her own back after giving the offender a good shaking of the head.

The Range is Filling Up and it's Fantastic

Archers are filling the space at Easton College and we are very happy that you are coming along and enjoying the Gym. You might as well, because there is heaps of room and we are there three times a week; Monday and Wednesday evenings from 18:30 to 21:30 hours, and Saturday afternoons from 13:30 until 16:30 hours. If you haven't been down yet and are not sure of how to get there consult our About Page to find out how.

New Bosses for Indoors

We have ordered three new bosses for indoors. These are similar to the bosses you'll find outdoor but with only one set of wheels found at the front of the boss. We have selected these due to the ease of handling and the ability for us to be able to change the layered sections ourselves. They are cost effective and reasonably hard wearing. We hope to have them in around 4 weeks.

Our Club Mascot

I know you have been on the edge of your seats wondering what the name of our Brand New Mascot is going to be. Well here it is, with fanfare, singing and joy, we can announce that our mascot is called Archie. We will bring him down to the club for you to get to know, and provide him a secure home with one of our archers.

Getting Trollied

We are seeking another trolley to go with the three we already have. If you have a trolley at home similar to this one, that we can place up to five bosses on please can you contact me.

Post Christmas Lunch and Frostbite Fun - 28th December 2019 from 10:30 am

We are planning to have a Post Christmas Luncheon. We all would have eaten quite enough over Christmas so our little luncheon is likely to be more of a smackerall of something. We'll keep you posted on the what we are considering. Also, and just before luncheon, we would love for you to take part in our very first Frostbite Frolic. Whatever the weather, other than lightning and extremely strong winds, we'll be shooting 3 dozen arrows all at 30 metres. Badges will be on offer with the luncheon. Whatever you decide to do please come over and enjoy lunch with us - the usual £5.00 per head for our one-pot meal.

Tournament Time - WA Combined

This means that we are hosting a tournament at Easton College. We are looking for two things; the first is that you enter the tournament, come along and enjoy the day; secondly, if tournaments are not for you why don't you become part of the field party. There are heaps of things to do and we'd love for you to support us. And our very own tournament is on offer on March 1st 2020 at Easton College. You are all cordially invited to come along. Please click here for the details. The idea of the tournament is that we all shoot at 25 metres for 60 arrows and then we all shoot again at 18 metres for another 60 arrows when we would have completed a WA Combined. Should you wish to only shoot at 25 or 18 metres for 60 arrows you can do so, but conditions apply in relation to the overall tournament. If you have any questions about what the tournament might be like please email the Tournaments Officer.

Clothing Orders before Christmas

If you want your Club Clothing before Christmas please consider putting your orders in this week. We encourage you to email Sarah.

We are now in the process of putting an order together for the Lynx Jackets we recently showed you. Lynx jackets as per visual inc. full zip, storm flap, left breast club logo print and back print:-

Fleece lined @ £46. 95. Mesh lined @ £43. 95.

Sizes available are 38” S, 40” M, 42”/44” Large, 46”/48” XL, 50”/52” 2XL, 54”/56” 3XL, 58”/60 4XL. There is a 10% premium on 2Xl and above. If you are unsure of what size to order these are the same jackets that the rugby club use.

Polo Shirts and T-Shirts £24.95 Sizes go up in 2” increments, eg 38” 40” 42” Hooded Tops £25.95 Sizes available are 22-24 S Junior, 26-28 M Junior, 30-32 L Junior, 34” XL Junior. 36” XS, 38” S, 40” M, 42”/44” Large, 46”/48” XL, 50”/52” 2XL, 54”/56” 3XL.

Please send our order via email to Sarah.


People are finding us on Google, here's a sample of what's been happening on Google and the questions people are asking.

Happy Shooting


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