Shooting shed bosses and more

The Shooting Shed and How to Use It

The shooting shed is all ready for your use. As you know we love to shoot and the weather is becoming increasingly challenging. If you are around when it is light there are a few things you can do to help you with your outdoor shooting.


Check the weather conditions and see if it is warm enough for you to get down the field. My reckoning is that with the right clothing you will be warm enough when out of the wind when the temperature is 10 degrees or over.


Check the wind conditions and direction. The prevailing wind direction for the UK is South-Westerly - for those who are in the know, that means that the wind on most occasions comes from behind the Shooting Shed. This is excellent news for those who want to shoot. The wind condition that is most unpleasant for the average archer is when coming from any direction that is northerly.

Nearly Lastly

There are umbrellas inside the shed. Again, this is great for those occasions when you simply don't want to get too wet. Shoot, Collect, Repeat - And stay dry with a brolly.

Most of us have access to the internet or the TV where you can get information about the wind direction. Check this, check the likelihood of rain and 'Bob's your Uncle'.

Actually, Lastly

There is a White Board sign inside the shed, please put this out when the shed is in use. You can see it in the window of the image above.

Tuning that Bow

Sometimes we get asked questions on bow tuning and by chance this month Archery GB placed an article on this very subject in their magazine. We have taken some interesting photographs of a few of our archers and noticed that while most of us have quite well tuned bows there can be challenges. The biggest one of these is that of dynamic tiller position. The dynamic tiller is the tiller when at full draw - something most difficult to measure on our own. Take a look at these photographs below and see how close some of the tillers are to being... ever so nearly there.

Bow closed Bow at full draw What you are seeing
You can see from this first image that a barebow archer has a slightly out of sync limb set up here.
Here's a recurve archer with her limbs just about inline.
Chairman's Bow is looking nearly there also.

What we are finding is that our bows shoot quite well even when our tillers are slightly out of kilter. You may need somebody to help you measure and change your bow - we used a smartphone camera and the editing tools to get the alignment with the arrow on the bow. We then cropped the image to ascertain where the limbs were in relation to the draw; taking in to account that we have managed to get the arrow horizontal. If you want more information please speak with Pete or Daron.

Taking a look at new Bosses

We had a visitor demonstrating new bosses to us last week and had the opportunity to test them out. Your committee are looking at the options as to what might serve our club best. Should you want to share your views on what kind of boss we should have please email me.

Easton College - Indoor Shooting

We are seeing a growing number of archers visiting our indoor archery range. This is super news, please come along and enjoy the space. It is well lit, spacious, warm and we have nearly 3 hours of shooting time.

We begin shooting at 6:30pm but we all need help to set up. Please come along a bit early to help with the set up as there is plenty to do before we actually shoot. Some of our members are choosing to turn up at around 8pm and this is great for balance as the number of archers tends to drop off at around that time. We reckon that we have enough space for around 40 archers per night on a double detail. When we have more bosses on the range we are confident we'll find space for around 50 or more archers per night.

Naming the Dragon

Well, we asked and you told us. Here is a review of all the names that came in for our Club Mascot (see below). We could hold an alternative competition... guess who provided the name? I know some of you will get a handle on who provided what.

This little fellow still needs a name.

Please keep sending them in - we've had quite a few...

Archie x3 Tox (A Toxophilite is a student of Archery) Sparkles
Apollo Little Legs Churchill / churchie
Maggy Roary Dino
Agincourt / Agi Rex Fletch
Puff (the magic dragon) Harold Legend
Archie McArchieface Norbert Cuthbert

Clothing Choices

We have done our research and share the news with you here. Our new provider for our clothing has given us the prelimary artwork for our new shirts and jackets for the Club.

Polo Shirts

T Shirts - these are likely to have a shallow V neck


Lynx Jacket - Front

Lynx Jacket - Back

The Jackets are coming in at £46.95 for a Fleece Lined Jacket and £43.95 for a Mesh Lined Jacket

If you would like to order an item - even though we don't know the prices of the T Shirts, Polo Shirts or Hoodies please email Sarah.

Happy Shooting


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