Mascot to name shooting to the moon Halloween and Christmas

Mascot Arrives at Wymondham Archers

Dear Archers

We were lucky to have donated to our little Archery Club a cute mascot. We are perplexed as to why this little creature would want to come to us but as it's here now, we need to give it a name. So, we are seeking for you, our lovely archers, to think of a name for our latest guest and club mascot. We are happy for you to send in your suggestions. We will review them all and let you know the names that have come forward. If you are not a member of Wymondham Archers and reading this, we are aware of how tempting it might be to send in your suggestions. And of course we will accept it, once you join in with our lovely little archery club. Suggestions to

Shooting to the moon - Gratitude and Certificate

It's official, Nelsons Journey, have sent us their appreciation of the hard work and effort we made to support their very much needed charity. We are delighted to have been there for so many of Norfolk's young people who have gone through loss and grief. Wymondham Archers thank Nelsons Journey for the recogntion of our Shooting to the Moon big effort. Thank you.

Halloween Fun Shoot

Jordon our Junior Rep on the Committee will be helping us to run our Annual Fun Shoot on Halloween. The fun and games all happen on Wednesday October 30th from around 18:30 hours. Please come along, bring scary things to shoot at. We will have some different targets to hit and of course if you bring cake too, we'll have full bellies. Ooh Scary! I can't wait.

Lemon Day - Supporting the Cadets of Wymondham 2nd November 2019 - 10:00-13:00

Cadets from all around Wymondham will be coming down to our outdoor range for some hardcore archery. Supporting our cadets helps with community cohesion, supports our youngsters in following their bliss towards a job in the Police, Fire Service, Army, Air Force, Navy and other disciplines. They are a part of our future; do you think we can help them along some by enabling a little Interdisciplinary Archery Fun Tournament - We need your help please. If you would like to volunteer to help us please email the chair at

Getting Locked in to the Car Park

The Button... I can't think of anything more perfect than being locked in at an archery range. But, apparantly not so for one of our archers who became locked in at our Outdoor Range recently. He was lucky, someone who knew what to do was available in the clubhouse. Putting the giggling aside for a minute or two here is what we need to do should we find ourselves in that enviable position.

If you are in your car when you attempt to leave the site drive slowly up to the closed gates. The pressure sensor on the ground will notice you and open the gate. Please be patient and don't worry, it closes immediately after you have left. If on the other hand you cycled or walked to the Range here is what you need to do.

  1. Use the pedestrian gate to leave the site.
  2. Press the Green Button found at the footpath exit route out of the Car Park.
  3. There will be a buzzer sound for 3 seconds when you will have 5 seconds to get to the gate and pull the handle.
  4. If you do not pull the handle the system will lock the gate once more.

I"m Still Gigglin'.

Christmas is Coming

I know it's early but we can't ignore the fact that Christmas is coming. We are holding our usual Christmas Fun Shoot at Easton College on Saturday December 21st 2019 from 13:30 onwards. There will be a heap of celebrations with all the usual festive delights. Please let us know if you can make it, by emailing You are all very welcome.

New Kit Coming over the Next few Years

We have worked hard to find a new provider for our Club clothing. We'd like to be able to provide to you a suite of options that you can choose from all at similar costs to that we pay now. We are pleased to say that our provider will be making these jackets available soon. Our new Lynx Jackets pictured below. The cost of these will be posted to you all shortly. Other clothing will be coming on line over the forthcoming year and we expect to be able to introduce a complete strip for our club members over the next 2-3 years. We are now utilising a British Company rather than importing from China as we currently do and we aim to bring this to you at a similar cost to that which we pay now.

If you wish to see a jacket of a similar make, please take a look at the Lynx Jackets at Wymondham Rugby Football Club.

Well, that's about it for now.

Remember to turn up a little early for indoors club night, we all need help to set up. And if you are a night bird arriving a little later might serve you well as some of our archers leave by around 8:00pm when you could have almost all the width of the Range to yourself until 9:10pm. Helping us pack away will be very much appreciated.

Happy Shooting


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