Guesting Coaching for intermediates and more

Dear archers

There is so much to share with you that I'm not sure where to start. So, let's start with being away from home, move on to coaching and then look at other things that are going on; including welcoming Layla Annision a true international archery star, to our little archery club.

But before we get there we firstly want to congratulate some beginners who have come through our course. We welcome Evie and Thea to the club. Another one of our Juniors was so proud this week at embarrassing her Dad, Matt, that she had to point out the winning Gold.

Guesting at Other Clubs

We all love our archery and we all seem to take different things from it. Sometimes we might like to see what other clubs do on club night. And at Wymondham Archers we encourage you to go and find out. It brings so much to our Club with the sharing of new and novel ideas. News gets shared also when we get to hear about events, people and happenings. Please, if you wish to, get out and about and enjoy other clubs. And of course, while your are there, invite other archers to our little archery club where they can enjoy our 3 hour sessions indoors for just £5.00 shooting fee.

Coaching for Intermediates

The wonderful Daron is hosting coaching sessions for any archer who has recently, or not, come out of a beginners course. There are so many elements to his work that it would be difficult to share them all here. Needless to say, he is starting with the equipment, the bow. If you are an experienced archer but would like to know more, Daron's many years as an archer and his gentle delivery enable the archer to absorb some of the many factors that affect your shooting. Please be aware that Mondays are Daron's preferred days for Coaching Intermediates. Please come along and enjoy.

Helping Hands Team

Our helping hands team have been hard at work. Thank you for all that you have done so far. Jack, who is one of our oldest archers at 77 years, regularly picks up litter from our Outdoor Range for which we are very grateful. Actually, we all need to be like Jack and pick up litter when we see it. There is a picker and bag in the shooting shed should any of you wish to lend another hand, or at least please don't add to the litter by taking it home with you. On another little note... our lines get painted, the store gets tidied, tables and bow stands/benches get fitted and much more. This week for example a huge thank you goes to Jason Baker, who's company Lustre Coatings enabled us, with the use of his large van, to acquire one or two second hand storage cabinets. If you need anything spray painted, Jason is your man. Please make contact with him via his website should you need work done.

We as a Club are indebted to you all, our Helping Hands Team, for giving us your time and energy.

Lemon Day 2nd November 2019 - 10:00-13:00

Cadets from all around Wymondham will be coming down to our outdoor range for some hardcore archery. Supporting our cadets helps with community cohesion, supports our youngsters in following their bliss towards a job in the Police, Fire Service, Army, Air Force, Navy and other disciplines. They are a part of our future; do you think we can help them along some by enabling a little Interdisciplinary Archery Fun Tournament - We need your help please. If you would like to volunteer to help us please email the chair at The PR part of Lemon Day is happening next week 28th September 2019 at Wymondham Garden Centre at 11:00am. If you are up for going along please email me. It looks like the theme for this year is' Reflecting the Five Senses of Lemon'.

Changes on the Outdoor Range

For those of you getting down the range you will see some new benches inside the shooting shed. These were donated by our partners Wymondham Rugby Football Club right at the start of our partnership. Hopefully they'll help with setting up your bows and also provide somewhere to sit. Some tables were also donated to us from Norfolk County Council this week along with three double cabinets to assist with storage. All good stuff. Now we just need to find stuff to put in them. Ha ha.

Welcoming an Archery Star - Layla Annison to Wymondham Archers

Wymondham Archers welcome Layla Annison to our club. Layla is a very successful archer who has achieved so very much in her career so far. We are very pleased that she has decided to use Wymondham Archers for her training ground and club. Having met Layla many times and shot with her on occasion I can vouch that not only is she a consummate athlete, she is also kind and gentle with other athletes, always ready to give support and encouragement. Layla shoots Compound and I'm hoping that some of her talent will pass along to our other archers at Club.

Here is a list of some of her achievements to date...

  • Current European Champion
  • Ladies adult Indoor Champion for the last 2 years running.
  • Senior Gold in mixed team at European Grand Prix 2019
  • Senior Bronze in ladies team at Antalya World Cup 2019
  • Back to back European Cup Individual golds in 2018 and 2019
  • 5 world records this year
  • Shooting in the National Tour finals in 2 weeks time for the second year running.

What 3 Words

You will see that we are embracing the app What 3 Words. If you want to get along to our shooting range at Easton College you will find that it can be a little challenging to find. But with What 3 Words, you can navigate using a bespoke navigation aide or one found on the net to get you right to the front door. Go on, download it and see how it goes. Here is the link to our Indoor Range, or you can find it on W3W at generals.neat.rivals, just remember to put the dots between the words.

What we Pay for with our Subscriptions

We often get asked what our subscriptions pay for. This this is an excellent question, so to give you an concise an answer as possible:

  • £47.00 AGB Fees (Adult)
  • £12.00 AGB Fees (Junior, Disabled Person and Intermediate)
  • £25.00 WRFC affiliation (over 18's)
  • £5.00 Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) and Norfolk Archery Association (NAA) (Varies with age)

After all the affiliation fees are paid for your fees give the club around £10.50 per month each (adult) or £5 per month (junior).

After affiliation fees are paid for we then need to find funds for asset insurance, field rental, indoor hall rental, equipment maintenance and replacement; totalling in excess of £11.5K per annum. The annual cost of our archery is something around £22K per year. We find the difference between our subscriptions and the actual cost of our archery by running Have a Go's, beginners courses, taster sessions and tournaments. If we were to not hold these events we would need in excess of around 100+ adult member archers. We do not currrently count juniors as part of our income as the income from a junior subscription is £80 less £12 AGB subs and £3 SCAS/NAA. We are left with so little income from a junior that if we were to have a club with just juniors we'd need hundreds of them.

We are becoming increasingly popular with our communities. Our membership levels are increasing not by our advertising so much and internet rankings, but by you, our members, who bring along people who you feel would enjoy our space. We encourage you to help other people enjoy our range which is open 362 days per year giving us around 4,400 daylight hours of archery per year. We also enjoy something like 250 hours of indoor shooting per year also.

Sobering thoughts for a little archery club.

We always love to see you on the range.

Please keep shooting, enjoying our spaces and encouraging others.

Happy Shooting


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