The Big Indoors BAFTA Month and Doing Those Warm Ups

Dear Archers,

Please see the Important News at the bottom of this Blog

The Big Indoors

We're all at once indoors and out. For those who continue to enjoy the field, bravo. It's been very windy of late but on the occasion that I'm there on the field, I often meet up with folk who are braving the weather. Remember that the shooting shed is there for shelter and can support some excellent archery, simply by getting you out of the challenging weather.

But, enough, we're also indoors and it's looking great. Easton College have welcomed us and we've shot there a couple of times now. There is plenty of room for us with the range being around 20 metres wide and 30 metres long. At present we are shooting just 18 metres but we'll move the bosses back and forth depending on what archers would like to do.

BAFTA Month - Bring A Friend To Archery

We noticed that with a recent straw poll, quite a few of our archers came to archery through being introduced by other club members. So, why not have a Bring a Friend To Archery B.A.F.T.A. Month. We know how much we love it so why not share that love. Over the next month until the end of October encourage family, friends and work colleagues to come along and enjoy our sport.

Of course, we'll encourage them to continue with a beginners course and programme them in to come along over the next few months.

Doing Those Warm Ups

We all need to warm up. No, really we do. Now, whilst I'm not the best at remembering to warm up others' I do warm up myself and really it is all our responsibility to make sure we are ready to shoot our bows safely, without injury to our bodies. Here is a brief video from Naomi Folkard. She is British, a fantastic archer, a talented musician and has represented the UK on numerous occasions. As you will see she gets over the importance of warming up and just wants us to shoot to the best of our abilities. Go on, see how she does it and help yourself to a warm up when you get to archery. If you're feeling a little shy, just tag along with others and get into the swing (no pun intended) and make sure you're ready to shoot. And if you see others warmng up but don't want to do that for yourself, just leave them to it. Because, that's archery, and we like to do our own thing.

Some Important News

Outdoor Archery Restricted Width Use When Rugby is in Play

We are introducing Immediately a restriction on the use of the right hand third of the Archery Range on occasions when the third team pitch is in use. This is the pitch closest to the archery range that does not have pitch barriers around it. Please simply move left and utilise the lanes closest to the fencing. If the range gets busy, please utilise the left and middle third of the available space on the Range. If you have any queries relating to this please speak with me, message me, or email me. Thanks: Chair.

Outdoor Range - Use for Clout and Longer Distances than 100 yards.

We have been asked on a number of occasions if we can use the Range for longer distances than 100 yards. I have consulted with Archery GB on this matter and until further notice we are not permitted to use the Archery Range for Clout or longer distances than 100 yards until our Archery Range has been formally assessed for this. The assessment will be carried out by our own internal processes as there is currently a self assessment process to follow. Please do not use the Outdoor Range for longer distances until we have informed all our archers of the viability of doing this within our insurances and indemnities.

Happy Shooting


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