Nelsons Journey Time for Subs the Wild West Shoot and Indoors

Dear Archers

We are all so very busy and it seems that the Summer came and went over the space of a few days. The nights are drawing in and we need to sort out our indoor arrows and equipment, move our sight marks and brace ourselves for the colder evenings.

Of course the outdoor archery range is still open and will be right through the year for those who are hardy, or a little bonkers. Remember that the shooting shed is there for you to get you out of that Norfolk, Lazy Wind, you know the one, the one that won't go around you and just pushes right on through, taking all that body heat with it. If you do decide to shoot outdoors over the winter, please ensure that you are prepared for the weather.

Nelson's Journey

We had a very happy Simon Wright CEO of Nelson's Journey come over to visit us and be presented with a massive £1,000.00 cheque. All part of the huge effort Wymondham Archers made on behalf of those around 900 youngsters affected by death and loss in their families. Well done to you all; what a fantastic team we are.

Time for Subs

A huge thank you to the more than 50% of our Archers who have already paid their Club Subscriptions Renewals are due from the 1st September and you will be pleased to know that we have kept the cost as low as we can for you all. We're also formally introducing our payment scheme to help everyone to stay in archery and while we continue to prefer that you pay in one go, we do recognise that this might be a big ask for some. We would rather you rejoined and we get to see you at one or both of our fabulous archery ranges Barnard Fields or Easton College

We agreed at our recent AGM (August 2019 that we would introduce the Archer Relief of Costs Scheme (ARC Scheme) where archers and families who shoot with us will be supported by spreading their annual fees. We offered one solution - which was agreed unanimously at the AGM:

  1. That the individual or family meet the affiliation costs outright at the beginning of the year; consisting of AGB Fees + WRFC Fees + First Monthly payment. The fees may be rounded to enable 11 equal monthly payments.
  2. That payments are made by a regular bank transfer paying off the remainder month by month until the end of the Club year.
  3. That if the individual or family default for one or more payments, they agree to pay the intervening monthly debit prior to taking part in archery again at Wymondham Archers.
  4. And that should Wymondham Archers begin to utilise Direct Debit payments that those on the ARC Scheme agree to use those rather than a regular bank transfer.

Here's how the figures work.

You can pay via Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer when paying in full.

Affiliation fees include, Archery GB and Wymondham Rugby Football Club. Adjustments to these fees are made to ensure equal monthly payments are achieved. Wymondham Archers wil meet the cost of Southern Counties Archery Society and Norfolk Archery Association Fees with the Monthly fees, if that is your chosen payment method.

How and when to pay

Please pay by Bank Transfer where possible to...

Wymondham Archers 2
 Sort Code: 20-45-45
Account No: 40391328 this enables us to keep track of payments. Please try and pay in the first two weeks of the month. If you could pay your subscriptions in early September we would be very grateful. Please be aware that if you have not paid your Club Fees by the end of September you will not covered by Archery GB insurances. When paying by BACS please annotate your payments with your AGB No.

The Wild West Shoot

Some silly fun was had at the range today 7th September 2019 with our very first Wild West Shoot arranged by our very own Lee Meacock (Coaching Officer for the Club). And what a morning it was; with names being drawn out of a hat (literally Chris' hat) who shot against each other at a distance that was set up on the morning.

All the shoots were on a head-to-head basis with Dr. Dan, winning the day, closely followed by Andrea and Sue. Well done to you all. Here's Dan receiving his well earned prize.

Indoor Season is Here

It's here... yes from next Monday we are all at once indoors and out. Outdoors is where it usually is and the Indoors is all settled for Easton College.

Weekday shooting during the Winter begins from 9th September 2019
Please Note our Shooting Times Have Changed

Monday and Wednesday evenings shooting begins at 18:30 hours.

Please come along from 18:00 to help set up.

Saturday afternoon shooting begins at 13:30 hours.

Please come along from 13:00 to help set up.

How to get there...

Okay so you've had when... Weekdays, from September 9th and Saturdays from September 21st at Easton College, Norwich. Please check our website for location details.

Club Lunch

Much fun was had after the Wild West Shoot with 24 of us enjoying lunch together; provided by Joe Oliver the Chef at the Red Lion Bistro at Wymondham Rugby Football Club. Whilst we enjoyed our much appreciated Chilli Con Carne for just £5 per head prizes were awarded to Sam one of our newest archers with her first 252 badge and budding archers Ollie and Karine; all pictured below.

We look forward to seeing you indoors from Monday 9th September. Please do come along a little early (by 6pm) to help set up.

Happy Shooting


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