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Colin the Boss and How to Get Involved in Sponsorship

As good looking as they are our bosses do liven up with a little placarding. Wymondham Archers has partnered with Armultra a company about which I'll detail more below. But before I do, I wish to thank them for their fabulous support and kindness.

Armultra Ltd has been providing engineering solutions from its facility in Great Yarmouth since 1985. The company’s capabilities have grown substantially over the last 15 years since the relocation to a purpose built facility in 2001. The current facility occupies 160,000 square ft with dedicated mild steel and exotic metals workshops including goods inwards and pressure testing areas. We are delighted that Armultra have decided to support Wymondham Archers - Thank you so very much.

Being Responsible and Taking Precautions

We are all hearing about COVID-19, more commonly called Coronavirus. Everytime somebody sneezes at the club lately we here the chitter chatter of another person joking about Coronavirus. But let's be serious for a moment. This virus is something of a problem around the world and has already affected people in the UK. Wymondham Archers are following health advice from Public Health England and encouage all of you to do the same. Here is a brief summary of what you may already know. If you don't really know what we are talking about, please read the information posted by the NHS here. You will see what they advise if you have recently travelled from Europe or further away. The advice here will assist you in your decision making.

Before You Arrive at Archery We love to see you at archery. We can see from your attendance and the feedback that we get that you love being with Wymondham Archers. But, and this is one of the very few times I'm likely to say this... please don't come down to archery if you are currently struggling with a cough / cold / flu like symptoms, or have a high temperature and shortness of breath.

In the meantime, we also offer some practical advice. Please ensure that you wash your hands before coming on to the Archery Range, after using your bow, or a bow borrowed from another club member or one of the Club Bows. We recommend that you use one of the disinfectant wipes, found at the rear of the Range on the trolley, to wipe the bow handle down, after use. And it won't do any harm to wash or disinfect your hands prior to leaving the site.

The symptoms of coronavirus are a cough, a high temperature, shortness of breath; however these symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness.

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu. In any case we will be following the guidance issued by the NHS, Easton College and Wymondham Rugby Football Club. And if it transpires that people are excluded from either of the sites we use we will inform you via email, Facebook and our website as to when to refrain from coming along and when we are likely to return.

If you would like more information on Coronavirus please click here.

What’s in a number

What would it be like to have a number named after us? If we look at history: it doesn’t look good for the person it’s named after, as they are usually dead! And obviously that's not a good thing. Here's a few; Euler's Number (e): 2.7182... Euler's number is also known as the exponential growth constant. And then there's Pi, of course 3.1415 and a good few more as well (although 'few' is not exactly a number). And think about it for a second - Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could have, for example, an Amy 10; which, as we all know, would have a constant of 10, in spite of the evidence showing that there may have been other numbers involved such as a 9 an 8, or a 7.

But what about the number 150. Here’s a great number and one that might have some bearing on our little archery club. It's now that I'd like to introduce you to Dunbars Number.

So what is Dunbars Number and how does if affect us at archery. 150 is something of a magic number, it turns out. We, as humans, like 150 according to Dunbar because it's this number that humans can work with and still maintain meaningful contacts with each other. According to Dunbar this relationship to 150 is true of our early hunter-gatherer societies as well as a large cohort of modern groupings: such as those who share the same offices, communes, factories, residential campsites, military organisations, 11th Century English villages and so on. And this magic 150, I'm guessing also may apply to our Archery Club.

The number 150 may mean more to us than being able to relate to each other in meaningful ways. That magic number means that we could actually be self-sufficient financially - especially if we had just over 100 adult members of our club; it would be the point at which we would generate sufficient income to be able to make ends meet. But what would happen if we actually did have 150 members? I guess we could refer back to some useful statistics again.

If we look at the typical attendance on a club session we know we get around one third of the membership turn up; at present numbers that's around 25-30. If we had 150 archers we could make a similar assumption of around one third turning up at each session of around 50 folk. With the space we have and the addition of a one or two more bosses and utilising double details we still have sufficient space for all the usuals and any new usuals that become regular club attendees. But there is more that we can do, and all of which you and your committee will need to reflect on in the coming months. For example, we might want to review how long we book each session - currently the sessions are for 3 hours and includes the set up and take down - so around 2.5 hours in total. We could later, if you are in agreement as a Club, increase this time by say, starting earlier - or finishing later. You might want to stratify who comes along when, for example, juniors may wish to get there earlier - parents and guardians helping to set up etc, followed by those who want to shoot but don't want to stay late and of course this set up would include those who wish to stay on for as long as they can and are often very helpful with taking down the range.

Whatever happens we do need to manage the Range a little smarter than we currently are.

  • We are to refresh our approach adopting a little more discipline to ensure that we all get to shoot as much as we love to.
  • We know from previous experience that this happens when we are using details. The details will continue to be run by a volunteer who needs to remain aware of those who might be coaching beginners and others.
  • Whilst beginners are important for the future of the club it is vital that those coaching them are informed... politely of course, that our archers (the heart of the club) are waiting to collect their arrows.
  • Coaches are all aware of the need to keep the Range moving and will stop the coaching to enable Archers to collect thier arrows.
  • We continue to encourage Recurve and Compound Archers to shoot 3 arrow ends. Longbow and Barebow Archers, may shoot up to six arrow ends as long as they are not smashing up other folks' arrows and that they are not holding up the line. Please be courteous and come off the line if you find you are holding folk up.
  • The Range Captain must be vigilant that both ends of the Range are managed so that we maintain a safe environment.

Incidentally, for those of you who might be interested... Dunbar - you remember him don't you... in that he went further, with that magic number in that he found it to be divisible by 5 resulting in a number of cohorts that you might find some resonance with. It seems that we have around 5 loved ones, 15 close friends, 150 meaningful contacts, something like 500 acquaintances and about 1500 people we readily recognise.

A Super Taster Session - Whisky, not Archery

Once again we have had a lovely time with friends at The English Whisky Company. Mark Rundle providing a fabulous tour, with whisky tastings to follow. What a treat. And for some of us the event started with lunch and for others finished with afternoon tea. It was great to see so many of you there; some of you bringing your mothers also. But this isn't all that is happening for us to enjoy each others' company. Look no further than below for more on that.

Club Lunches begin in Earnest - 11th April 2020

Why not come along to our first of the Summer Season Club Lunches scheduled for the first Saturday we are outdoors for the Summer Season. We have had some lovely lunches together and they are so very cheap. Should you wish to come along please email Jo who will be very happy to take your name, but please remember your place isn't saved until you have paid. And at only £6.00 per head it's a steal.

300 Club Draw

Our first lunch also brings along our first 300 Club draw, that we are so very excited to be able to offer. The 300 Club 2020 begins again from April and you can sign up here or by clicking on the image. Remember that you are supporting your club and we can do this all by Direct Debit, now that we have moved into the 21st Century.

Club Competition - a Worcester Tournament- 4th April 2020 13:30 onwards

End of Season Fun Shoot 2020 Worcester Tournament White Centres on Black Targets 60 arrows, 5 arrow ends. 4th April 2020 at 13:30 onwards at Easton College

On Saturday the 4th of April we will be holding our club indoor championships. This will be a single Worcester round which is 60 arrows shot in 5 arrow end at a 16 inch black and white face, (compounders can choose to shoot a 5 spot face) 30 arrows at a high face and 30 at a low face. There are faces in the target bin for prior practice.

This is being shot for bragging rights only (maybe a certificate). A handicap system has been worked out across all bow styles so anyone could win. Entry is 50p to cover cost of faces, please book in by emailing Damien below.

Pleae email Damien if you'd like to enter.

Fancy Dress Last Session of Indoor Season Shoot - 15th April 2020 18:30 onwards

Big thanks to Natalie who has agreed to host this years end of Winter Season Shoot. It's all going to be a bit "fancy" it seems... well fancy dress. You are encouraged to come along with your best dress, your worst dress or any dress - as long as you're decent enough to be seen in public. I'm thinking of coming along in my best yellow shirt; the one that makes me look like I've got a massive head and tiny arms. Although I'm looking forward to wearing those shorts again.

There will be prizes for the best fancy dressed Archer and games galore. If you'd like to come along please let us know as the weeks progress.

Good Luck,

Happy Shooting

Chair: Wymondham Archers

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