HOHS AGM and more.

Hello Archers,

Does it get any better than this. The arc of a rainbow centering on the gold of a target; with Archery, Cricket and Rugby all in the same photo. Truly depicting the Archers Paradox... You dont' get views like this without there being a drop of rain in the air. But what a shot... in so many ways.

Thanks to Mike Wonnacott for the image.

Well, much is happening and your blog is here to update you on all that might affect you, what's new and what's not.

Hethersett Old Hall School

Sadly the news has broken today that HOHS has now gone in to receivership. We were hoping that we could use this venue for our Indoor Shooting, but alas it was not to be and looks like it won't ever be. The news is heartbreaking to read in the EDP Of course we wish all those affected by the news good fortune in finding a new school and hope that one day the school will recover and be reinstated or turned in to something useful for the community of Hethersett, Wymondham, Norwich and beyond. We are grateful, however that we have somewhere to shoot for our forthcoming Winter and are keeping our fingers crossed that the partnership with Easton College is for as long as we need it.

That AGM

You may wish to sign up for a committee post and we encourage you to. Here's the form

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday 19th August 2019 at 19:00 hours inside the Rugby Club at Barnard Fields. Please come along and support the Club. Your vote is needed as we have a number of important issues to discuss and agree upon. As you know, amongst many things we will agree on our Club Subscriptions for the forthcoming year, and this year we have a clear breakdown of how your funds got spent, how the Summer and Winter fees are funded and how we intend to meet the demanding future that is coming our way. Your Vote Is Needed - Please Come Along.

And you can let us know you're coming along by clicking here and logging on to Facebook

You can view the minutes from the previous AGM here. And you may recall that we had an EGM during the year, the minutes of which can be viewed by clicking here. If you would like to nominate yourself for a post, you will need to get it seconded by a Club member. Please email the Club Secretary.

Let's Shoot to the Moon... A bit more...

No, just kidding. But here are a few of the fabulous statistics provided by our very own Dan. As you can see from the first image, it was difficult to determine how long it would take you from the first end. And it was amazing to see how diffiuclt it was to shoot over 250 metres and certainly not until the end of the day.

Great work everybody who took part.

That Field

Well, it's all looking well on the field. We have had a few blowy days and had to learn some lessons regarding faces. From next week all the faces will be removed from the targets whilst they are not in use. All faces will be placed in the tubes found between the containers. Please collect a face enroute to your desired distance from the face-tubes and pin it on to your selected boss. At the end of each shoot please take down the face or faces you have used and replace them in the face-tubes. Please place any target pins in to the side of the boss you were using.

Target Pins

We are going to be experimenting with some new target pins over the next few weeks. Please email me with your feedback once you have gotten to see how well they function. The pins are longer than usual and you will find 10-12 on each boss. Please take care with the pins and Please do not take them home. If the pins work how we are expecting, we may go back to leaving the faces on the bosses. But for now, all faces must be removed from the bosses at the end of each shoot.

Thanks for reading

Happy Shooting

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