About fund raising and Wymondham Archers

The club funds that our members provide, for the effective running our Archery Club, do not meet the full rental fees of the facilities we use. Your club membership fees are agreed annually and are designed to get people in to archery. They are set deliberately low so that everyone who wants to, can get active, enjoy our facilties, take part in our social activities and get in to the sport. And we also recognise that many of us would like to and indeed do contribute more for the benefit of Wymondham Archers and the Sport of Archery.

Additional contributions mean a huge amount to us as a Club. Some folk have more time than money and others' vice versa, Our archery club is equitable, where contributing by whatever path only means that the contributor wishes to support the club, either financially or with the members' time. It does not mean that any single person has more entitlement or rights within the club.

The club has processes and procedures that support our fair and equitable governance and these are utilised at all times. Should any member of Wymondham Archers wish to support the club with their time, energy, enhanced skills and experience, we are always looking for Committee and Working Party support. If you find that you have more time than disposable income, we are always looking for an extra pair of hands. Please speak to any committee member, should you wish to get more involved.

Ways in to fund raising

Making a Donation to Wymondham Archers

Sponsoring a Boss for Life

Opportunity exists at Wymondham Archers for you to sponsor an Archery Target for Life. (the useful life of a target is around 5 years) Each target (in archery world called a Boss) would be named by you the person or company providing the sponsorship. Your logo, family arms, or name could be applied and you can name of the Boss (if the Boss, whoever that might be, is happy about that) Colin the Bossand provision of advertising space top, bottom and to the sides of each boss sponsored. As you can see from the images here, we have a boss called Colin. You will need to accept that the target will be punctured by mis-aimed arrows over the duration of the life of the boss. A strip on the bottom and top ledge of each boss will be provided as part of the naming. Family friendly names are being sought, and humour is also encouraged. A package that includes naming the Boss we call The Bosses Boss, with advertising boards at the bottom, and both sides is offered at £1700.00 + Set-Up costs and VAT. (total £1900.00)

Please click the link here. Or if you would like more information please Email: Chair of Wymondham Archers.

The WA 300 Club - Application forms and documents

If You are joining before 10th April - Click Here Application form and Direct Debit Mandate

If You are joining before 1st May - Click Here Application form and Direct Debit Mandate

If You are joining before 1st June - Click Here Application form and Direct Debit Mandate

If You are joining before 1st July - Click Here Application form and Direct Debit Mandate

Rules of WA 300 Club 2020_2021

Easy Fundraising

Easy funding is simple and costs you the Archer nothing. It's simple to take part in. Simply click on the Easy Funding icon below and you will be taken to the site where you can download an App for your local device. When you shop after through the App, once downloaded, from any of over 4,000 retailers associated with Easy Funding, every purchse raises funds for Wymondham Archers. Go on, have a go Click here or on the Easy Fundraising Image.

Additional Voluntary Contributions

As a way to help Wymondham Archers along a little you may wish to offer us a one off or continued Additional Voluntary Contributions. These contributions are a matter between Wymondham Archers and you. We do not publicise these unless you expressly ask us to do so. We do however, feel utterly grateful to those who are already donating more to our Club than their Subscriptions each year. We are as always, eternally grateful to you for that. Here is a small list of donation packages.