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Coaching Resources For You...

We have been busy: as always. Pete has been driving hundreds of miles attending a Development Coach Training Programme in Huddersfield.

He says, "It's quite a trip, but well worth it. The Coach Development Team are fantastic. They have connected me with a network of coaches that can provide a wealth of support for those times when I'm wanting to give our own Archers a little more. The programme isn't finished for me yet, as I have an assessment in September. I'm hoping I do alright."

Attending each weekend through July Pete has become familiar with all that is needed to get qualified in support of our Archers in their development of Archery. The programme of effort can be found on our brand new Learning and Development page on our website. Don't worry we'll provide you with a link in a minute. Popping along to Penine Archers and working with NFP Archery Pete has been collecting sufficient resources to help our Archers continue with their development.

As he says, "It has given me so many ideas, one of which is to create a coaching resource right here on our website."

Between Pete and Dan our fabulous IT genius they have created that very resource. You can find it here, but before you do, here's a summary.

Learning and Development...

We all started somewhere and there are those who navigate to our web pages and have a hunt around to see what it is that we provide before they dip their metaphorical toes into the water (or the Archery Range in our case). In this section we provide a link to signing up and some insight into what our Beginners Course holds for our new and budding Archers.

You may not know this but our Committee has been working our socks off to find ways to Say Yes to Archery. We now offer a loan bow scheme that is open to Wymondham Archers members only and can help our new Archers get on with your archery from day one. We want them to get the best use of the bow and ancillary equipment. They'll have the peace of mind to use it as their own, while they settle in to our wonderful Archery Club. We reckon that most people will hire a bow for around six months. We have a purpose built agreement that gets signed. If you'd like to take a look you can view it here. It's signed, once the Archers has been accepted on to the scheme.

The effort of getting the bow hire agreement was truly a team effort. From Keith and Salina working all week at their jobs and then negotiating with Clickers for the right bow set up. With Mark researching the best agreement that we could find, calling on old friends from Yorkshire who kindly shared their documentation. With the Committee working together to find the right kind of payment plan so that we really are doing our best to get people into, and remain, in Archery. That joke that there is no team in Archery is completely false. Ours, Your, Committee have worked so hard on this. They are truly wonderful.

We note that coaching archers is a wonderful experience. We have a team of Coaches now that work hard to support our Archers. You may have seen them around the Range. You might not know that we have a coaching coordinator that helps to keep us all in order. Our coaching coordinator passes on to the relevant coach any of your requests for coaching, further coaching, support with equipment and more. You can email them here. Developing our Archers is a super experience. To get each of our Archers to understand their equipment and how they influence the shot sequence is extremely rewarding.

When working with beginners our coaches enable budding archers to shoot accurately and safely over the duration of the beginners course. The coaches then get to see some of the fabulous people that are coming to us for their relaxation, leisure, fun and challenge of Archery.

If you'd like to become part of the coaching team you can email our coaching coordinator.

We recognise that you may want some more coaching and we are pleased to be able to offer this to you as part of your membership fee. To get more coaching all you need to do is contact the coaching coordinator and we’ll get back to you. You might want to let us know a bit about you when you contact us.

  • Please indicate whether you are seeking a male or female coach.
  • Please also let us know what you are seeking to achieve.
  • We will need to know what kind of bow you are wanting to improve with, barebow, olympic recurve, compound, flat bow, horse bow or longbow.

You may have been shooting for some time now but have reached a plateau ... or you may know that you could improve in some way but are unsure of how you might go about that. Our development coaches can support you through your archery challenges, working with you on periodic training cycles, tournament preparation, gaining higher scores, bow set up and more. Our development coaches can also help you to avoid injury or work around some physical impairment that may have developed. Working as part of a national network they can call on external advice and guidance from coach developers across the UK.

We now have a plethora of experience at Wymondham Archers. One or two of our Coaches are wonderful Barebow Archers. We have some highly experienced Longbow Archers also; who can guide and support you along your journey. Our Recurve experience is wide too, with coaches able to bring along Archers to perform at whatever level they wish, from Club tournament, County, Regional and National Level Competitions. With our growing cohort of Compound Archers we can dip into the Development Coaches arsenal of teaching methods and also the national resources that have now become available to us, if you need help with any bow style; all you need to do is ask.

If you would like more coaching then please contact our coaching coordinator.

If you have found that there is a loose nut behind your bow, you may wish to work on him or her: you that is. However, occasionally it can feel as if your bow isn’t working for you, or you suspect that something isn’t right with it - well you can ask for support. We now hold equipment setup sessions for our archers and would encourage you to take part in these. We are numerous, so will take names until we have sufficient people to enable a short morning or afternoon course. All you need to do is bring your archery equipment along with tools appropriate for your bow (allen keys, screwdrivers, etc.) so as to be self-sufficient during the session. Please email the coaching coordinator should you wish to have your name added to the list.

We are all different, thank heavens. Our differences are what makes archery so very interesting. When you undertook a beginners course, maybe many years ago you might have been provided with information that has since gone out of date. You may have just completed a course but had a sleep last night and it’s all gone over to a dreamscape. The above named section provides a video selection of tips and tricks that are designed to help you wherever you are in your experience of archery.

Obtaining Tickets...

When we adopted our Ticketing system from Trybooking, we didn't realise just how useful it was going to be in relation to managing our Archery Range. What we have noticed however, is that some of our Archers are not obtaining their tickets prior to coming along to Archery. We very much want to provide you with the best solutions for your Archery needs. If we don't know how many people are using the range we cannot make decisions to open up more bosses, to widen our provision or to make decisions for the betterment of say, an improved shooting line. Please help us by obtaining a ticket each and every time you come to the range. If you have lost your ticket link please email our secretary.

News - Indoor Range Coming Online in September...

Prior to the County Show we were working to get the indoor range up and running. We believe we are nearly there. When we are ready to open it in mid-September 2022 we will invite you to come along to find us and shoot some arrows. The floor is now beautifully shiny, the walls will all be in place, there will be tea and coffee facilities and even some heating for those amongst us who cannot do without a little hot air around them. You will gain access to the Wymondham Archers car park via the A1074, driving past the main Norfolk Show Ground entrance. Just past that turning you'll find an entrance to the car park space that we will be using. It'll be marked with some signage, ours, to guide you to where you need to drive. There will be a padlock on the gate. You will be provided with the key code on your ticket; the one you must have prior to coming along. Once in the car park, you should see the Archers' Gate in the right hand corner, as you face the big iron gates found in the centre of the car park. Go there. Unlock the padlock, (the number will be on your ticket) then walk over to our range. Gain access and enjoy the space.

But none of the above would have come about if it weren't for the fabulous Volunteers that help us all the time. From the coaching team, the folk that clean our toilet, the people who pick up litter, the line painting, the tournament running and so much more. We are always seeking volunteers, more on this below. For now, I just wanted to thank all of you but when focussing on the indoor range, this huge venture wouldn't have gotten off the ground without you; and sadly there are too many of you to mention - you know who you are. Thank You

Faces, Pins and Keeping the Place Tidy...

A big thank you for helping us keep the Outdoor Range tidy. There are new instructions on the back of the shooting shed, on our brand new white board (huge thank you to Sarah for getting that sorted out). Please take the time to have a look, it's all pretty straight forward. All you we ask you to do is fetch the target face you need, collect some pins - we state up to six, but sometimes you may need more, please use your better judgement. Select the boss you wish to use, pin up the target face and voila; you're ready to go. When done, please remove the target face and pins, returning them back to the store, pins back in the pin cushion. If you find that your target is looking a bit ropey in the middle would you be kind enough to shoot to one side please. It'll make the boss last longer, not cost us a heap of your club funds to replace it and prevent bouncers: Win/Win. Oh, and if you have just smashed the centre out of a target face, leaving just the remnants of gold behind, take it home a throw it away there. This would help our Club Volunteers hugely.

From time to time we leave stuff behind. Most of the time it's your stuff and we pin it up somewhere safely for you. Please remember though, that we don't take any responsibility for the safety of the kit left behind but we do try and keep it safe from the elements. In terms of the occasional rubbish please do take it back home with you. We don't have bins because we believe that you really don't mind taking home your toot. We thank you for this, and are most grateful for you helping to keep the range in super condition for our Archers.

Busy and Growing - And we Still Have Space...

Wymondham Archers is somewhat larger than we were some 6 years back when we began our journey to introduce Beginner Archers to our Little Club. We are not so little now. Wymondham Archers has grown to around 240 members and continues to grow monthly. You might be surprised to know just how busy the outdoor range is... not busy at all. We are using the facility at just under 9% capacity. We have busy days, but not many. So, there is always space for you to come along and shoot some arrows.

Shoot to the Moon - Wow, What a Success...

It was such a hot day when we shot sooooo, many arrows towards the moon. We set out to shoot to the moon, Metres equivalent to Kilometres - when we went all the way there and all the way back. We shot from around 10:00am until around 5:00pm. All those people that took part put in much gusto, effort, trekking, bending and collecting. We were hugely impressed. We also raised a bucket of funding for Nelsons Journey. Another big well done to all those involved. I know you've already had some of this news but really, it's worth going on about it.

News - Volunteering With Wymondham Archers

As you will have noted above, I've been rattling on about Volunteers. We cherish our Volunteers and now want to share with you what we can provide for you.

A team from the University of Birmingham have coined an acronym ABC when it comes to focussing on people who take part in, feel part of, and support the sports clubs they are part of. The 'A' of the ABC is Autonomy. Autonomy is all about knowing what to do when 'things' happen. Simple stuff might be knowing where the loo is. More complicated stuff might be knowing why my arrows are doing that really annoying thing. The autonomy of knowing what to do under these circumstances helps us feel that we have some control. Volunteering at Wymondham Archers can help you, bring your efforts to the fore and help with the control of our Club. We need you to be there for us, as much as we the Club needs its members to be... well, a Club. The 'B' of the ABC is Belonging. Belonging to something that is bigger than we are can bring with it a sense that we are part of something: we belong to our Club, we partake in the activities there and help to keep or to make it a great place to shoot some arrows, catch up with people, eat burgers from time to time; even go to the cinema together on occasion, or enjoy a curry; yes we do all that too. Actively becoming a Volunteer, can also help us feel that we belong, because we are making somewhere cleaner, tidier or simply better kept than it was before we helped. We are always looking for help. The 'C' of the ABC is Competence. Our coaches help you, well some of you, with your Archery. I for one get asked a heap for help, and hopefully you have found that useful. And we have a team of coaches. They are all volunteers also. But being competent at Archery is one thing, being competent at supporting your Club another. When our members volunteer for us we want to look after them. This is why we encourage all of our Volunteers to complete our Volunteer Agreement. It helps you know what you are volunteered for, helps us know if you need any help with the work; and sometimes it can feel like work. But we want to ensure that you are safe, you understand what we are asking of you and on occasion, we can provide training, support and even a reference if you need one for that first job.

Completing our Volunteer Agreement and scanning our Volunteer page on our Website will help you feel more of that ABC when it comes to help out with your Archery Club.

For those that have already completed our agreement thank you, for those of you that haven't as yet, please take the time, only a few minutes to let us know what you are doing.

Happy Shooting

Chair - Wymondham Archers

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