Winter Returns

Sad News - following the death of one of our Archers - Jonathan Kilsby

For those who don't read Facebook here is some sad news regarding one of our former members.

Sadly one of our former Archers Jonathan Kilsby recently died at Papworth Hospital. His twin brother Glyn recently wrote to us informing us of his death and although we haven't seen Jonathan for a few years it is always sad to lose one of our detail. Glyn says that although, "he had only comparatively recently started archery, he really enjoyed the sport and was keen to develop his skills" and that "Jonathan never did sports by half measure, and he was always committed to doing them to the best of his ability - which was usually very high."

Glyn passed on that he was, "Sorry to be sending bad news, but ask that you pass this on to those who will have known him." We hope that any of our Archers who knew Jonathan, might wish to add a tribute.

Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, the funeral has to have limited numbers, but with an online Zoom link for those who cannot attend. If there are club members who might wish to make use of this, let me know, and I will forward the link to you and/or them.

On behalf of Wymondham Archers I have sent our sympathies and condolences to Glyn and his family.

Juniors Running Ahead

Wymondham Archers Juniors Are Leading The Way

Our junior archers are off to a fantastic start to the indoor season already and we are only just at the start. We’ve had scores galore being sent to me (Sarah) as they work towards their own goals!

Some of our newer and more novice archers are working on the new AGB progress awards with Thea and Jacob smashing their age categories and gaining the highest certificate for their age group, with more juniors starting to gain the scores they need.

We have had Portsmouth awards recently earned by Olivia G that some seniors would be proud of. And not only that she has now skipped upwards by two indoor classifications! At the moment juniors are required to obtain the same scores as the adults for the AGB indoor classifications which makes this latest batch even more of an achievement. We have just awarded two more indoor classifications to Thea and Jacob, these are also special as both of these archers shoot Barebow. You might recall that ArcheryGB indoor classifications not only have no separation between juniors and seniors but there is no separation between Barebow or longbow scores, meaning these two giants of Archery have already shot recurve scores. Now that is some effort.

All of this follows a great outdoor season with 4 of our juniors gaining classifications, with one Third class, one Second class and two First class badges awarded.

If you still want to work on your outdoor classification you have until the end of the year to gain or improve on yours.

All this is fantastic news but remember it's not all about scoring rounds, and gaining awards, it's about having fun and enjoying yourself.

If you need any help learning about scoring or need any help with technique please ask any of the coaches or other friendly archers or email Sarah.

Horror of Horrors

Pumpkins are coming in for the Halloween Challenge. Please send your images to me - Pete and I'll ensure they all get posted on our Facebook Page. The Challenge is simple, we put all the photographs onto Facebook after 31st October when our friends and followers can vote on each separately; a people's vote. Now I realise that didn't work out on another more important matter some years ago, but hey, let's try again. Please keep an eye out on Facebook.

Indoors: Busy Times

The Indoor Season is becoming increasingly popular, you can find out how popular via our spreadsheet. But Indoors is always challenging for a select few. Not because they are select, but because they turn up early almost every session, lift, pull, push and tug things into place for the joy of other people. And then, a smaller select group remain until the end of the session; quite often having stopped shooting some hour beforehand to... you guessed it, lift, pull, push and tug things back into storage. We so very desperately need your support. This small group of people are the weak link in you getting your archery each and every week. If one or two should not be able to make the session: it is highly likely that the session won't go ahead. Please do try and come along or remain after the first session to help set up and take down the Range - We need you.

Outdoors: Still Out There...

Our Shooting Shed is working wonderfully of late. Whilst our more hardy archers are continuing to sit it out... or rather stand it out on the Range proper, occasionally you'll find one or two tucked out of the whistling wind inside the shed. Please do remember to put out the sign when using it as we don't want to frighten anyone.

Our beginners are still signing up for courses and whilst we are now running them indoors we are also continuing to run them outdoors. We have courses now running into November by request and I'm sure you'll join me in wishing them a balmy experience.

We now have an up-to-date(ish) heat table for the outdoor range.

What's this then?

Sainsbury's Museum and Cafe I was visiting a local hot spot for culture and excellent coffee recently when I came upon this wonderful little artefact. I wondered what on earth it was and to my surprise it was something Archery related and quite ancient... Hmmm, stop it, I can read what you are thinking... No, not as ancient as me. And also far more interesting. So what do you think it is? If you want the answer, you'll need to look below and have a read. Good luck. You can find the answer at the bottom

Equipment Review and Return of On Loan Equipment

We recently undertook a review of our equipment and seem to have pieces missing. We recognise that from time to time we lend our archers equipment and ask that if you have equipment that belongs to us to please make arrangements to return it. We do not include here any equipment that is currently on hire to you and only those items that were loaned to get you our lovely archers through an equipmentless period. Please email Pete.


Membership is also on the move. We are now at 105 members as I write this blog to you and are expecting a few more to join us. The Demographics are quite wide and you can review them here. We are super pleased with the work that is going on from all of our committee in encouraging others to come along to archery. But in particular I'd like to thank Lee and Sarah for their hard work through the Summer and now into the Winter Season to bring new Archers to the Club. Bravo!!

Happy and Safe Shooting


The Answer: The Answer

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