Getting Together, New Faces, Club Lunches and Supporting Others

A Little Get Together for the Chairman's Birthday

Well, we all get older everyday and why not celebrate that by taking some time out to shoot some arrows on our fine archery range and share some time, some conversation and food with friends. And so we did. Saturday June 1st was a super day for taking in some rays, provided kindly by our very own star and a few super stars came along to enjoy the ambience of great company and good food, some good coffee.

Thank you from me, yes it is the Chair who writes these blogs, for all of you who came along and to all those who couldn't but passed on your kind wishes for the day and comiserations at me gaining another year. To be honest, I am pretty stoic about getting older. I still have nice hair, I just have to keep it in a drawer at home.

Here are a few photographs of all the folk who came along and enjoyed the day. As you will see, it all started just like any other Saturday, with people standing in a line shooting some arrows.

Our fun day in the sun...

Two Beginners Complete their Course

Well done to Rui and Shaun for getting through their course. You worked hard and travelled so far to get to club every week. If there was a medal for travelling the furthest to attend an archery beginners course, you would have won it.

Club Lunches and an Opportunity to Socialise

The Fabulous Jo, took time out to share with everybody at Club on Saturday the idea she's had to enjoy some club lunches together. The plan is that we all have lunch together; on the first Saturday in July on the 6th and in August on the 3rd; when after our Club session we all trample over to the restaurant and take the opportunity to sit and eat together.

Jo has cleverly negotiated a reduced lunch rate of £5 per lunch for each of us and will be sharing a sign up sheet for the months coming, only asking that we agree to pay for the lunch first rather than on the day, so that she can pay the chef at the time of the lunch. Please see Jo, on Club sessions to sign up.

We look forward to enjoying our time together.

Helping Others' and Shooting to the Moon - July 28th 2019

Jo, has really been called to action... yes, she is asking us to all shoot to the moon. July 28th will be the day when a series of distances will be set across the field at Barnard Fields enabling us to all be able to shoot, pretty much as far as we can. There will be some restrictions on poundage of bows being shot, with none over 50lbs. We hope to shoot distances of 50m, 100m, 150m and 250m. And when we're done we should have collectively shot the equivalent distance, counting 1 metre for 1 kilometre - all the way to the moon. But, we are not just doing this for fun, although it will be fun, no, we are doing this to support other people. We are attempting to raise funds for Nelsons Journey, a Norfolk charity that supports children and young people up to their 18th birthday who have experienced the death of a significant person in their life.

We believe this is an excellent cause and have been encouraged by Wymondham Rugby Football Club who will be spreading the word amongst their fellow Rugby Club Members. We need over 30 archers shooting all day (and we now have over 80 members) to be able to achieve our goal and hope that you all will come along to shoot some arrows with us. Truly, the more the merrier. All we ask is that over the next several weeks you take one of our sponsorship forms and get other people to sponsor Wymondham Archers as a Club to Reach the Moon in Arrows for Nelsons Journey. Jo will be sharing the sponsorship forms shortly with us all. Final sponsorship funds will be equally shared between Nelsons Journey and Wymondham Archers.

And finally,

Remember, Factor 50 - sun protection, other than staying indoors, is the only real protection of exposed skin from the sun.

Happy Shooting

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